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The World’s Biggest Margarita: the Tequila Expo returns to Playa del Carmen!

Posted by Tony & Cheri on July 9, 2007

A couple of years ago, we were wandering down Fifth Avenue early in the evening when we got caught in a sudden shower. We ducked under a tent and discovered to our delight that it was set up for the first Riviera Maya Tequila Expo. Que bueno!

Tony, tequila & chicaAs we looked around, we saw four or five tables from different tequila distilleries. Each one was offering free samples of all their products, meaning a shot of añejo, a shot of reposado, and a shot of blanco. We’re not talking tiny tastes; we’re talking full shots. And, much to Tony’s enjoyment, most of the shots were being poured by beautiful young chicas. After we had made the rounds of four or five tables, and had a pretty good buzz going, we realized that the tent turned a corner and extended for a half a block with perhaps 30 more distilleries offering tastes of their products! No, we didn’t hit every table, but we made a good effort.

Traditional brands such as Herradura, Patron and other top quality distilleries were represented, but the majority of displays were for small high quality distilleries whose tequila is only available in Mexico. And of course, it being Mexico, there were also mariachis, music, crafts and even a best bartender contest. Needless to say, we went back again every year. It just keeps getting better and better.

This year, the Riviera Maya Tequila Expo is being held on August 16-18, 2007 at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Calle 16 Bis in downtown Playa del Carmen (one north block south of Constituyentes, five short blocks from the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden!). Admission is free, and there will be over 500 different tequila products available for tasting, along with a celebration of Mexican culture and traditions. This year’s event also will feature a special tribute to legendary Mexican singer/actor Pedro Infante. A new tequila bearing his name will be released on the 50th anniversary of his death.

The best news is that at this year’s Expo there will be an attempt to make the world’s largest margarita as determined by the Guinness Book of World Records. The goal is to make a margarita bigger than 250 liters (more than 66 gallons!).

Tequila is no longer just the liquor of choice for spring breakers. Good tequila stands with any of the great whiskeys and liquors of the world. You’ll find many tequilas that are complex in flavor–meant for sipping, not shooting. The Tequila Expo will be a great place to learn about this Mexican tradition.

We’ll see you there!

5 Responses to “The World’s Biggest Margarita: the Tequila Expo returns to Playa del Carmen!”

  1. Bren said

    Oh how we would love to be there to taste all the wonderful Tequila that Mexico has to offer,maybe next year. Thanks for all the wonderful reports on what is happening in Playa we appreciate the time you both take to write these reports. Bren

  2. MrAgave said

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Might have to book a trip just for that…


  3. Sharon said

    Thanks for the information on this upcoming event! I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I’m looking forward to being in Playa that week, hope to see you both.


  4. Ron & Rita said

    Rita and I will be there on the 16th…Carnival Holiday cruise. We will check it out and maybe stop by your hotel as well.


  5. John said

    Dontcha know I get to town on Aug 19th!! Doggone it. A week at the Hotel Nina and then a week at Luna Blue, will have to pay for my tequila…oh well.

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