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Hurricane Dean: All’s Well in Playa After the Storm

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 21, 2007

We woke up this morning to a much quieter day. Most of the rain and wind bands extending out from Hurricane Dean seem to have passed us by. The really terrific news is that there is no real damage in Playa del Carmen that we can see. Our house did just fine. We lost the satellite dish and had some minor flooding in the top bedroom, but otherwise everything is in perfect order.

The same is true at the Luna Blue. Four of our giant banana trees fell over during the height of the storm, but nothing was broken and no one was hurt. By this time next week there will probably be 10 or 12 banana plants growing in their place.

We did discover that a feral cat that lives in the hotel garden gave birth to at least one kitten during the night in the stone overhang of our front gate. Everybody seems to be okay. We have fed and watered mama. The kitten appears to be all black and of course we’re going to name it Dean, boy or girl.

We’ve gotten out and walked the streets, and everyone seems to have done just fine. Everything is littered in leaves and twigs, but there are no power lines down, no broken glass, in short no real damage anywhere. We have internet and phone at the hotel (from where we’re posting this). Our phone and internet at the house is out, but we’re hopeful that it will be restored soon. We lost power at the height of the storm, but only for a couple of minutes.

We have heard a couple of things from various news sources, some good and some bad. First, the good. It appears that the first reports out of Chetumal, where the eye of the storm made landfall, is that there are no reports of deaths and that damage seems to be minimal. If true, that will be fantastic news. On the bad side, we have the US media, specifically Fox News, which during the storm last night appears to have reported that Playa del Carmen was destroyed. We never liked Fox News to begin with, and now we really don’t care for them. If you hear reports like this, ignore them, or better still, send a nasty email to the news source.

The hotel will be closed today as the staff has the day off to clean up their homes and yards. We will be doing the same. Tomorrow it’s back to business as usual for the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden and for the rest of Playa del Carmen. As soon as we have more news about what happened in the southern part of the state, we’ll post it here. Right now all we can say is how thankful we are to have missed being part of Hurricane Dean.

14 Responses to “Hurricane Dean: All’s Well in Playa After the Storm”

  1. Sarah said

    Oh, another cat! Welcome, Kittie Dean! Glad everyone is well and the town didn’t get hit too hard. Fox News does suck and the Weather Channel has some idiot in Puerto Adventuras talking about how terrible things are. They can’t even pronouce the towns, let alone report accurately. Anyway, miss you guys! Love, Sarah

  2. Kathy said

    Glad to hear you both made it through the night safely, and welcome to the new kitty! Please do let us know how things further south (Tulum, etc.) fared, since all I can find online is how badly the “monster storm” ravaged the entire Yucatan peninsula!! Can’t wait to be down there in January!

  3. Meredith said

    Thanks for the information. Glad you’re OK! It seems PDC was spared. I’m wondering about my favorite resort- Shangri la Caribe. How far did the water came up the beach?

    Looking forward more informative posts.

    Sorry, we don’t really know. When we tried to get down to the beach, the police had the access blocked off. We tried a second “secret route” and got caught and severely yelled at. We really suspect the resort is just fine. They probably don’t even know how the beach will be until the water recedes and the wave action subsides. Give it a day or two.
    Tony & Cheri

  4. Tanya said

    Glad to hear everything is well! We will be arriving tomorrow afternoon at
    The Royal but we may have to stop by and say hello, you have been incredibly helpful!!!

  5. Lucy said

    Cheri & Tony,

    Thank you so very much for your posts on Trip Advisor as well as this blog. I have been reading them every day for the past week. I said many many prayers last night for the people of Mexico..I actually fell asleep while praying but as my priest once told me “Don’t worry, the angels take over”….

    I am so grateful that there was no one hurt or killed. Yes, damage to property is not great but I always say there is nothing more precious than life itself as everything else can be fixed.

    I am scheduled to fly out tomorrow with my best friend. We had so many options, to cancel, to reschedule, to go somewhere else… we didn’t as you can see. I plan on walking by Luna Blue and if I do, I would like to say hi to you. I am so happy you and everyone are doing well.

    See you soon 🙂

  6. Bren said

    Tony & Cheri thanks for the update,glad you both are safe and there is no damage other than your beaufiful bannana tress 😦 Congrats on your new kitten Dean what a time to give birth. Anyway once again thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated on what was happening ,always good to hear things from a very reliable source.

  7. Michelle (maliasma) said

    What good news! I’m glad everyone is doing OK. Ooohh….new kitty, Dean…what a welcome he/she had coming into the world, huh?!

    Well, we will see you guys in a few weeks. I’m super excited and cannot wait! If anything is needed, let me know!


  8. Doreen said

    Papa T & Cheri –

    Have been following along here and on the forum and saying my prayers. So relieved to hear that things went better than they might have… well, except your Dish :0)

    Totally agree with your perception of Fox News! As with the last times, Roy and I will be down as soon as possible “weather or not!”

  9. Tracy said

    So glad to hear everything seems good for you guys. We’ll be down in a few days! But that poor momma kitty. Talk about a rough birth! Take good care of mom and baby. If you can’t take care of them there, how about the new Playa shelter that Andy and Jen started?

    Once the kitty gets older, we’ll take him to Paco, our vet, which is where Andy & Jen normally take kitties, too. Paco has a great track record for finding homes for them. We have taken 3 to him so far. That’s also where we adopted our Marley Buddha! We’ve been trying unsuccessfully to catch the momma to have her spayed. But we’re getting closer…

  10. Steve L said

    Tony and Cheri, thanks for all the hurricane updates. I have never been to PDC, however, I hear it is beautiful and I am thankful that PDC (and the Luna Blue) had just minor damage. I have booked a couple of rooms with you in January and I am so looking forward to it.(I wish it wasn’t so far off.) Anyway, BOO to Fox News, unfair, unbalanced and inaccurate!! Take care. Soon to see you Steve

  11. lyn and jeff knowlen said

    Glad to hear this update; sorry about the loss of your lovely trees. Amazing that you have a new kitten after such wild night.
    Thank God you are all safe. Greet your wonderful staff for us; I kept picturing them with their families riding out the storm together, wondering how they all were.
    Thanks for the good news.
    Lyn and Jeff

  12. Simon & Dee said

    Been reading your blogs these last few days and so glad to hear everything is OK. We are due in Playa next month for our first time and have really enjoyed reading your reports. We’ve come addicted to reading the forums on the Playa website long beofre Dean started but especially so these last few days, although we haven’t posted anything on them. All the best.

  13. Cliff and Laurel said

    We have been glued to the T.V. the past few days and have sure been thinking of you. Got up at 5:30 this morning and were so relieved to hear the good news. Hope to see you in Nov. if you aren’t off for a real holiday. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! Thanks for all the great updates…awesome blog.Take care of you.

    Cliff and Laurel

  14. Nancy Pomplun said

    SO glad you’re OK! Yeah, Fox news sucks–sesationalist liars. They made it sound like Playa was the ground zero of the Yucatan, and they need a crash course on Spanish pronunciation–it took me a couple seconds to get that they were “reporting” from Puerto Aventuras. Looking forward to seeing you in December.


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