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Hurricane Dean Comes Ashore

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 21, 2007

This will be just a short one, because we’re tired and it’s about 4:30 in the morning here. The wind is blowing pretty strong, and there is a driving rain. We were asleep but things seem to have intensified since we went to bed around midnight. From what we can gather off the internet, Dean went ashore about 40 miles north of Chetumal about an hour and a half ago. We were awakened when the wind tore our new Sky television satellite dish off the roof. The one that was installed THREE DAYS AGO. Actually, we’re feeling pretty lucky. When the howling wind and noise of something tearing loose from the roof woke us up a little while ago, our first concern was that the tinaco, our water tank storage, had come loose from the roof of our house. This worried us even more when we stepped out of bed to water running across the floor.

Luckily, it turned out to not be the tinaco but the satellite dish, and the water on the floor was just being driven in under the door that leads from our bedroom to our outside terrace. If we had just put one more sandbag against the door, we would have been all right. Cheri was right again. 🙂

However, despite the powerful wind, amazingly we still have electricity and internet. Of course, we have no satellite TV and only one or two channels are coming through on the cable. But considering the fact that we were prepared for no power all night, we’re pretty luckily. We’re going back to bed; we’ll post again in the morning.

Say a prayer for the people in the south.

4 Responses to “Hurricane Dean Comes Ashore”

  1. Diana said

    God Bless you and glad you are ok. Praying for the people to the south……….it has to be very devastating weathering the storm in a grass hut! We will keep you in our prayers! Diana( ddcile5)

  2. Jillian said

    Hope this morning finds you dry and safe! Thanks so much for the updates 🙂 Hope you are both well as well as your friends and neighbors down there

  3. Elizabeth said

    Hello! We were scheduled to be at your hotel from 8/16-8/20, and are glad to see that it appears you all made out ok in the storm. (Sorry about the satellite dish.) However, we do feel for those folks in the south who bore the brunt of the storm. Anyway, we’re looking forward to rescheduling our visit.


  4. lyn and jeff knowlen said

    Glad to see you made it through the initial winds; we’re continuing to pray for your safety and as well as for those in the Chetumal area. Thanks so much for the updates; we would loved to hear how we can help as soon as you know anything.
    Lyn and Jeff from Wisconsin

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