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Hurricane Dean: How to Donate to the Playa Pals for Mahahual Relief Effort

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 31, 2007

Here is the information on how to donate to the people of Mahahual who were devastated by Hurricane Dean. All money is being administered by the Playa Pals for Mahahual, a small group of mostly ex-pat volunteers based in Playa del Carmen, who are making trips to the Mahahual area once or twice a week to bring and distribute the items needed most at the time.

To donate money via paypal, go to and click on the “Send Money” tab. The paypal email account to use is: One hundred percent of all donations will be spent by the Playa Pals for Mahahual on the most immediate needs and taken by volunteers directly to Mahahual and the surrounding areas hit by Hurricane Dean. NO MONEY IS BEING SPENT ON ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS, including gasoline & other volunteer expenses, all of which are being donated.

If you are in or near the Playa del Carmen area, you can drop off donations in kind at the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden, Calle 26 between 5th and 10th Avenue, between 7:30 am and 10 pm every day. If you plan on donating items and want a specific list of what items are most urgently needed, please send us an email and we’ll let you know.

As needs in the area change almost daily, we prefer monetary donations at this time. This way we can be assured that we can provide exactly what the people need when they need it.

This blog contains an ongoing report of the trips we have made to the Mahahual area. For more information, including pictures posted by the volunteers, you can also click here to read the thread on

Thank you to everyone who has donated and continues to donate. Your donations are making a HUGE difference to the people in this area.

One Response to “Hurricane Dean: How to Donate to the Playa Pals for Mahahual Relief Effort”

  1. Kay and I need to go to Texas this Saturday and we do not have time to do another run for Dean relief to La Costa Maya. We would like to explore the possibility of writing a check for the balance of funds we have collected through our Dean relief campaign. If we do this we would need a formal receipt in English explaining that the money will be used exclusively for Dean relief.

    Please write back to me today asap,


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