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Great News for Mahahual and the Quintana Roo

Posted by Tony & Cheri on September 5, 2007

We just received this email from Kevin Graham down in Mahahual:


The government of Mexico has declared a state of emergency for Costa Maya and other areas of Costa Maya. The other areas such as Cozumel and Cancun may have been added to the list in order to obtain more funds. This has been confirmed now.

So, where do go from here? Until the aid arrives here we have to keep going but this should open the door for formal humanitarian aid. At this moment I was told that 3 tons of food, water, and lamina are on the way to Mahahual that are independent of the lamina, food, and clothing that Marilyn secured yesterday. When it appears, I’ll let you know.

And, who can I thank? If you received this email you are to be thanked individually. I am so afraid that I will leave someone out that I can’t single out anyone. We know each other and that is enough. I think the most powerful thing has been all of your combined positive thoughts, actions and spirit that will change the history of Costa Maya. This is the truth.

Life is about celebrating the small and large accomplishments…this is a big one. Take a second and think about what you have done.

Thank you,
Lic. Kevin Graham
Si necesitas ayuda, solo avisame – If you need any help, just let me know.

How great is that?! Maybe, just maybe, us amateur relief workers can get out of the way for the professionals. We have no doubt that the money, donations, time, emails, letters, links, etc. that so many people from so many places and so many websites have contributed has had a very positive effect on the decision to make this happen. You are all heroes in our book.

Let’s remember in the two weeks since the hurricane that it has taken for this to happen, YOUR DONATIONS have fed, clothed and helped house the people of Mahahual. Let’s also remember that the professional relief workers aren’t there yet. As Kevin has said, there is still an immediate need for food, water and supplies. Another convoy of supplies is scheduled for Saturday. We are continuing to receive donations and don’t worry–the money will still be well spent.

If surplus money exists once the official relief effort is underway, the Playa Pals for Mahahual volunteers will meet to discuss where that money might best be contributed or spent. What a great problem to have to deal with. Anything we do, we will inform you on this blog and

Again, thanks to everybody!

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