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Southwest Airlines Does the Right Thing

Posted by Tony & Cheri on September 15, 2007

Last night, Southwest Airlines issued a statement apologizing to Ms. Kyla Ebbert for taking action against her when she wore a mini skirt and tank top on a Southwest flight. Southwest acknowledged that its attendants should not be “fashion police” and that it actually had no dress code. Southwest went on to say that the President of the company had called Ms. Ebbert to apologize and offer her two free round trip tickets. Acknowledging that the airline had first promoted itself with stewardesses clad in hot pants, the airline humorously announced a new “skimpy” fares sale: Southwest Airlines Issues an Apology and Lowers Fares to Match Now Infamous Mini Skirt.

Now we don’t want to take credit where it is not due. However, we have to note that this announcement came just about the time we calculate our letter to Southwest arrived on the President’s desk (see I’m Too Sexy for My Plane). Coincidence? You be the judge. 🙂

By the way, tomorrow is Mexico’s Independence Day, Dia de la Independencia. It celebrates the day that Father Hidalgo, a Spanish priest, gave the cry of freedom for Mexico’s people to rise up against its Spanish oppressors.

The celebration actually takes place tonight with fiestas and official gatherings at 11:00 pm all over the country, when everyone issues the cry, “Viva Mexico.” There will be music and dancing and carnivals. And this being tropical Mexico, lots and lots of miniskirts–all red, white and green. Tony’s a little under the weather with a second bout of dengue, but if he feels up to it, we may wander out and take some pictures for the blog.

One Response to “Southwest Airlines Does the Right Thing”

  1. Michelle said

    Hooray for short skirts!! 🙂

    We were there for Dia de la Independencia…I wore a skirt. It wasn’t short, but it was a skirt nonetheless. 😉 We had a great time, too!

    Thank you for having us at the Luna Blue…I’m already dreaming of next year’s vacation.


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