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I’m Feeling Luna Blue: The Video

Posted by Tony & Cheri on December 5, 2007

Sorry we haven’t blogged in so long. Life got kinda busy, but we’re back now. Mostly we have been working on the hotel. Playa’s low season is generally used by hotels like ours to do repairs, heavy cleaning or remodeling, or planned changes. Unfortunately, we got a little behind schedule with two bouts of dengue fever, the Mahahual relief effort, a trip back to the States, and the new puppy. (We had forgotten the difficulties of housebreaking a new puppy. What we were thinking?!)

We finally got around to doing our work at the hotel a few weeks ago. Most of the work we wanted to do was asthetic: changes that would improve the look of the hotel, the rooms, etc. This meant repainting, buying some new furniture, putting in new plants and stone work in the garden and tiling most of the outdoor balcony areas.

During this time, Cheri had an idea. We have always thought of the Luna Blue as a place that catered to travelers, not to tourists. Our guests enjoy the adventure of a journey to a foreign country where they can explore and discover. Her thought was to paint quotations on the walls of our rooms which reflect that view. We set about collecting 18 quotes (one for each room), and on our last visit to the US, we had them cut into stencils. When we returned, we began the slow process of putting them on the walls. It took us awhile to get the hang of it (one or two walls had to be repainted or replastered after mistakes), but eventually we got it. So far everyone who has seen them thinks they look pretty cool.

Click Here to View the 'I'm Feeling Luna Blue' VideoWe were so pleased with the outcome, we tried to think of a way to share the new look and the spirit of these quotes. We came up with the idea of a slide show. There are pictures of our garden, our rooms and our newly-inscribed walls along with pictures of Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera matched with quotations that we feel embody the joy of travel. If you’d like to take a look, just Click Here or click on the picture to the right. You may have to load a small applet from Photodex, but it’s completely harmless. Unfortunately this link doesn’t work for Mac users. The video is also posted on YouTube, which can be viewed by either PC or Mac, although the quality isn’t quite as good as the other. We hope you like it.

In the same vein, we recently came across an article about the nature of travel that was very close to our hearts. Written by Tom Swick, Travel Columnist for The South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper, the column talks about the nature of journeys. He points out that journeys aren’t always picture perfect, and that the real quality of traveling often doesn’t translate well into coffee table picture books. Personal journeys often take you to places that challenge you, surprise you, trouble you or inspire you in ways you never thought possible. That’s the kind of traveling we like and the kind of travelers we enjoy meeting. When reading the column, we found what is now one of our favorite quotes about travel: “A journey is what happens when consciousness meets geography.” We wish we would have seen this before painting the quotes. It would have made a nice addition. The piece is entitled “The Unphotogenic Beauty of our Journeys.” Tom also has a book entitled A Way to See the World: From Texas to Transylvania With a Maverick Traveler. We’ve ordered it and can’t wait to read it.

We’ll blog again soon, we promise. There are a lot of interesting things happening this month. The two of us decided we needed a shot of old fashioned American Christmas…and who does that better than Disney?? So we’re going to take a quick trip up to Orlando to experience Disneyworld and Mickey’s Annual Christmas party. When we get back, it will be time for holiday celebrations here in Playa, including our yearly posada dinner. The posada is the journey that Joseph and Mary took to Bethlehem. In Mexico, it has become the traditional name for the journey one takes to a celebration or dinner held at Christmas time. Employers are expected to host a posada dinner for their staff, along with their families, their families’ families (which may include people from several states away) and anyone else that happens to be almost family. We have five employees but 43 people coming to the dinner. So far. You do the math. πŸ™‚ If last year’s party was any measure, it should be quite an event. If you’ve never done tequila shots with an 80 year old toothless Mayan great grandmother, you haven’t experienced a true Mexican Christmas.

We also have the joy of having our son Christopher coming from San Diego (where he attends grad school at UCSD) to spend Christmas with us. All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful December. We’ll keep you posted on all the happenings and events.

Happy Holidays, and hope you like the video.

11 Responses to “I’m Feeling Luna Blue: The Video”

  1. Tony (aka TeeZet) said

    Don’t you have a special place for that quote, I’m wondering?
    It would almost be a shame not to use it… Maybe somewhere near the entrance?

    Anyway: I loved the slide show, and I’m glad to see a new post here, thanks guys!

  2. Rea & Tom said

    It’s a dark, stormy, rainy night on Vancouver Island. We just arrived home from work & watched your new video. What fun – we can’t wait to join the ranks of the ‘traveller’s’.
    Rea & family

  3. Pat R said

    So glad to hear from you. Was worried that something was wrong.

    We’ll be back in PDC in Jan 08…hope to see you.

    Pat & Mickey

  4. maureen murphy said

    Hi Tony & Cheri,

    Wow… I realy enjoyed your holiday season blog! Posada is a new thing I’m learning. That was cool to raad that! Learning new things about Mexico everyday! See ya around town.

    Take care,

  5. -tim and ruth- said

    “WE are definitely feeling LUNA BLUE!”

    Ruthie and I just have to be hooked up to a Luna Blue IV from time to time.
    What a great job on the video!
    The quotes idea was without a doubt an inspired moment!

    Even if, somehow, you were to take The Luna Blue Hotel and Garden OUT of the Riviera Maya,
    we would miss The Blue, its vibe, and its re-energizing abilities… and yet having that
    coupled with an infused calm and serenity and peace we’ve never experienced anywhere.

    We feel that The Blue draws in the spirit of you, Tony and Cheri, and if allowed by the guest, she pours that BACK into everyone who stays there…so that not only has the guest experienced an incredible value in a lovely environment, they actually come away enriched.

    We love The Luna Blue! You could have left “well-enough alone”, but you have chosen to impart yourselves into her, and as guests we’re all the better for it.

  6. Bren said

    Thanks for the video and all your hard work I am sure your guest will enjoy it.I always love to see something different when I travel. Have a wonder time in Disney land and a happy hoiliday season….see you soon.

  7. sunrlb said

    I keep enjoying this video over and over and over. It is so beautiful that it makes me a little misty eyed when I watch it. πŸ™‚ PERFECTLY DONE! I sure do miss my Playa sunrise mornings. UGH…..4 more months.

  8. Beacjnutt719 said

    Great video! Look forward to staying with you guys one day soon.

  9. Terri Willard said

    Hi Luna Blue folks! It was great to get your Christmas e-mail and watching the video just made me want to be back at your wonderful little piece of paradise called the “Luna Blue”! I sooo enjoyed staying with you and will be back some day soon…..I hope! Happy holidays to one and all!

    Love, Terri from Idaho!

  10. Pam & Ryan Couch said

    What a great video! We can’t wait to return to the Luna Blue after our baby son that was concieved there is here with us. We hope to share with him one day the amazing mayan riveria and the luna blue. Happy holidays! The quotes are just another perfect touch to our favorite getaway.

  11. -tim and ruth- said

    Blog Quote:
    β€œA journey is what happens when consciousness meets geography.” We wish we would have seen this before painting the quotes.

    I think this would be a VERY nice addition to the white facade at the check-in desk…meeting the guests entering the Lobby of The Luna Blue.

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