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Moving On

Posted by Tony & Cheri on December 8, 2007

We live in Playa del Carmen and enjoy sharing that experience with other people. We talk to the guests at our hotel, the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden; post on this blog and participate on other website forums. Those include the world’s largest travel information forum,, where we have been designated “Destination Experts” for Playa del Carmen;; and others. Until recently, we also participated on a forum known as with which we also had a business relationship. The website placed us in their list of recommended hotels in exchange for the payment of a commission on bookings initiated through that site.

In the last few days, we became involved in a financial dispute with the owners of that site, who now live in Sweden. In a nutshell, the owners made a demand for a commision on a tour booking we did at the request of one of our guests. We felt they weren’t owed the money and were unable to resolve the dispute. The owners then without warning removed the Luna Blue Hotel from their “recommended” hotel list. That’s their right; they own the site. However, they then got personal, making derogatory comments about us on that forum with a promise to post more today. We were unable to respond or defend ourselves as we had been locked out of their site. We haven’t been back since and don’t plan to do so.

Our interest in Playa del Carmen vastly exceeds one website controlled by people who don’t even live in Mexico anymore, and our reputation will withstand these petty attacks. However, we have many friends who knew us from that forum who may wonder why we are no longer there, as they are not getting the full story on that website. We hate the fact that we have been put in the situation where we have to defend ourselves from public attacks, but that’s the case here. So, we decided we would make available the correspondence between ourselves and the owners of that site which resulted in this unfortunate situation. We have no secrets. If you’re one of those people, feel free to take a look here. Otherwise, let’s get back to our real focus: life in Mexico and in the paradise of Playa del Carmen.

And if you did know us from that “other” place, you can still get in touch with us by email or by leaving comments here on the blog. We’ll respond promptly. And who knows, in the future maybe there will be some other, easier way for us all to chat directly.

Since this all started, we have been swamped with emails, telephone calls and personal greetings from members of that forum offering support and well wishes. To all of you we offer many, many thanks.

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