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Naked in Playa….For a Good Cause

Posted by Tony & Cheri on December 20, 2007

The 2008 Peanut Pet Shelter CalendarIt’s not often that a mature man close to 60 years old is asked to pose nude for photographs…and to bring along his dog! Not having had such a request since the 1970’s (and that’s a whole other story!) Tony wasn’t sure he should be doffing his clothes for the whole world to see his middle age spread. But when he heard the reason why, he couldn’t refuse.

The story starts with our friends Andy and Jen. Ex-pats from the UK, A&J moved to Playa last year and were amazed and saddened by the large numbers of dogs and cats that were abandoned to a life on the streets. Rather than just being sad, they decided to actually do something about it. And so was born the Peanut Pet Shelter of Playa Del Carmen.

Andy & Thor in the 2008 Peanut Pet Shelter CalendarPet shelters are a rare thing south of the border. Animals have a different status in third world countries where resources are limited. People usually don’t treat pets like members of the family and certainly don’t spend time, money or emotion on street animals. So it was an uphill battle for the Peanut Pet Shelter to start up. But start up it did and it has become an important part of the community here.

At their own expense Andy and Jen rescue dogs and cats, puppies and kittens from the street. Some are injured, some are ill and all are undernourished and in need of care. The pet shelter feeds them, houses them, gets them veterinarian treatment and then tries to find families to adopt them. The Peanut Pet Shelter exists on the considerable time, energy and money contributed by Andy and Jen. Their contributions are aided by charitable donations of locals and visitors. There have been a number of charity raffles and parties in Playa to help the shelter out…but the large number of animals in need requires more and more financial help.

Not long ago someone came up with the idea of a calendar: a calendar of local men posing with their pet dogs…au naturel!!! It seemed right somehow. Down in the tropics we don’t usually wear a lot of clothes (although most of us wear some!). And if the local guys posing were not exactly Brad Pitt look-a-likes…well, that just emphasized the fun nature of it all.

Señor February & Huggybear in the 2008 Peanut Pet Shelter CalendarSo for the last few weeks over a dozen of the braver and less inhibited men of Playa Del Carmen could be seen posing all over town with their pets or dogs rescued by the shelter. The guys are in “strategic” positions or locales which allow their personalities to shine through while obscuring their…well…you know. Some of the “models” are actually pretty good looking young guys. You girls out there will appreciate that. But the truth is, it was all for laughs, a good time and most importantly, to help a good cause. The Peanut Pet Shelter is now selling the calendars for $20.00. You can purchase them at the front desk of our own Luna Blue Hotel & Garden, or at the front desks of the La Tortuga or La Rana Cansada hotels. Or, you can order directly by going to, clicking the Send Money tab and typing in The cost of shipping is included in the $20.00 price. Unfortunately they cannot mail from Mexico but will be relying on volunteers to carry calendars back to the US to mail.

Disclaimer: No pets or people were harmed during the making of this calendar. Pride, ego and vanity were put aside for this endeavor….so no snickering, please. All proceeds benefit the Peanut Pet Shelter of Playa del Carmen. And we better not see these on ebay for big bucks! 🙂

So, if you’d like a really unique souvenir of your time in Playa del Carmen or are looking for that special gift to send to your maiden aunt in Utah, pick up a copy of the Peanut Pet Shelter 2008 Dogs & Dudes of Playa calendar. And of course, if you’d like Mister February to autograph it for you, just bring it by the Luna Blue. 🙂

7 Responses to “Naked in Playa….For a Good Cause”

  1. bufante said

    That is freaking awesome!!! Good for you guys. Although, I think I would rather see the Chick version!

  2. Bren said

    Way to go you guys, anything that helps the animals.

  3. Ginger said

    Hey, great photo of you Tony! This is a great calendar, I still have to order one.

    I’m glad I subscribed to your blog, now I receive reminders when you add stuff. It’s always great to hear from you guys! I added a subscribe feature to mine now as well.

    All the best to you guys! Love ya!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments guys. And Ginger, thanks for the compliment! As a result of my photo in the calendar the offers are pouring in. The members of the “Murder, She Wrote” Fan Club have asked me to appear at their national convention (“to spice things up” was the way they phrased it) and AARP magazine is talking centerfold. However I’m sorry to say I have to reject all these kind invitations. The never-ending work at the Hotel demands all of my time, and requires that I stay fully dressed in the future. 🙂

    Take care,

    Papa T

  5. Flash said

    I just showed the wife… she was stunned.

    “You mean they’re all naked?”

    “Umm… yeah… you didn’t notice that Paulo was naked in the picture Andy showed us at La Rana?”

    “I didn’t see that one.”

    “You didn’t understand why Steve was concerned when he got back from his shoot and said the photographer decided to take the picture of him in the wash tub from Andy’s balcony instead of from ground level?”


  6. Andy said

    Thank you both somuch for putting this on your blog…oh and for showing even more people my less than tanned Scottish bod !!. A huge muchos gracias for all the guys who bared all for the animals of Playa del Carmen 🙂

  7. Monica said

    I love it!!! I can’t wait to get mine when we come down in March.

    I am glad that I subscribed to get updates on your blog. This way I won’t miss anything!

    Happy New Year to you guys! Miss ya’ and love ya’ and will see you soon!

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