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Sarah’s Gettin’ Married!!!

Posted by Tony & Cheri on March 8, 2008

Sarah's Getting Married!!

All of Playa del Carmen, and especially us, extend their happiest wishes and love to Sarah & Adam.

It was two years ago this month we had the pleasure of introducing our friend Adam to our “daughter” Sarah. We admit we were playing matchmaker. We thought two special people deserved each other, and we hoped they’d hit it off. They did. Our only regret is that last year Adam whisked Sarah away from us and Playa and off to Iowa. Darn him! However, since he’s made her incredibly happy, we forgive him.

For more about Sarah, go to our blog entry: A Celebration of Sarah. If you want to check out Sarah & Adam’s wedding site, click here.

Sarah’s Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Responses to “Sarah’s Gettin’ Married!!!”

  1. Sarah said

    Thanks, Tony and Cheri! Cute announcement! Thanks so much for introducing Adam and I! Who would’ve ever thought it would end up like this?! From, “show this boy to his room” to now!! Love ya!

  2. Louise said

    This is the best news ever since we got home yesterday!! We love you both but you know that already. I can just hear you Tony saying “show this boy to his room” and I chuckle every time I hear it being mentioned.

    Yours is the union of two beautiful souls and a match made in heaven to say the least. We couldn’t be happier for both of you!
    Wish that I could have a “Sarita” cocktail to help celebrate right now.

    Wohoo!! Sarah and Adam are getting married!!


  3. Mark said

    I am so happy to hear this news.

    No matter how my day was going, it always got better when I saw or heard from Sarah. It still does, when I see something that she has posted on the internet or hear news about her and Adam. We are all blessed to know them both.

    Congratulations, you two! (a las adoptivas mama y papa, tambien.)

  4. Tammy (Tappy) said

    Whoo hoo – this is great news.
    Congrats !!!!

  5. -tim and ruth- said

    Supremely wonderful news.
    Ruth says to let us know when and where the kiddos are registered online.

  6. Popeye said

    Phyllis & I are both thrilled! Congrats,to the sweetest youguns and cutest couple ever! Just another fine example of what T&C touch turning into GOLD!

  7. Sarah said

    Aww, sniff sniff! Thank you all for such nice comments! We made some really special friends while I was living in Playa. You are all wonderful, thanks!!

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