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We’re sure going to miss you, Belle

Posted by Tony & Cheri on April 27, 2008

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to say goodbye to our longtime friend and companion, Belle. Belle Kitten showed up on Tony’s doorstep on Christmas Eve about 21 years ago and has been with him, and later both of us, ever since. She has lived with us now in multiple homes in two countries and survived a 4000 mile road trip, a lot of construction, a hurricane and the addition of two cats, a kitten, a dog and two puppies into her life. She has always been a tiny thing and has always loved finding the warmest spot around, usually someone’s lap. In her younger days, she would frequently come home with scratches and abscesses on her face after roaming the alley behind our house in San Francisco, due to fights, we assumed, with cats and who knows what else. For all her scrappiness on the street, she has a sweet, good natured personality and has even charmed one or two self-proclaimed cat haters over the years. And she purrs so loudly you can hear it across the room.

Having our pets in our life is one of the main things that made our move to Mexico work for us. Because of them, it didn’t seem like we were leaving our old life behind but rather just moving it to a new location. Belle, especially, loved the climate change from chilly San Francisco to balmy Playa del Carmen. She really flourished in Mexico, even though she was already a pretty old girl when we arrived here three years ago.

Sadly, it’s now her time to go. Her kidneys are failing and she is no longer eating, no matter what we tempt her with. Paco, our wonderful vet, has given her antibiotic and vitamin shots every day for the past week or so, but it hasn’t helped other than to buy us a little more time with her. He says she’s over 100 years old in people years, and we know that she has lived a long and happy life.

Tomorrow on the deck that she loves so well, in the warm breeze and in our arms, we’ll put her down. Afterwards, we’ll bury her in the back yard with Carib, her friend who passed almost two years ago at the age of 18. But today we’re just going to give her love.

We’re sure going to miss you, kitten. And so will your friends Shammy, Huggybear, Marley Buddha and Gypsy. 😦

18 Responses to “We’re sure going to miss you, Belle”

  1. Chris & Kat said

    I’m sorry to read this 😦 Growing up my mom always had cats so I know what you are going through. Good luck and see you in June….

  2. Elaina said

    I write this with tears in my eyes. Your Belle is a beautiful girl and your love for her comes through in your writing. I can’t think of a more peaceful way for her life to end. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

  3. Ginger said

    Oh guys, I am sooo sorry. I am in tears. But Belle lived such a long life, and such a wonderful one as well. My thoughts are with you guys.

  4. PlayaLove said

    Tony & Cheri my thought are with you both I lost my best friend for 20 years two years agao Jake was the best cat in the world. So I know how hard it is to have an animal that long then have to say goodbye. You gave her the best life any cat could want../

  5. Sharon/Queencityfan said

    Just wanted to add my sympathy, I know you will eventually remember Belle only with smiles but I also know today it will be hard to say goodbye.

  6. Louise said

    Dearest Tony & Cheri,

    Awww…it makes me feel very sad to hear this. Today will be a difficult and sad day for you but don’t feel bad. You are only helping Belle make the transition to a better life. She’s had a good long life and wonderful parents. Bless her little kitty heart.

    I am shedding a tear with you today. Wish that I could be there to hug you both. xo

  7. Tom Beggs said

    Sorry to hear about Belle. We are cat owners as well so we know how you must feel.

    By the way we will be in Playa on May 7th – 14th. We have never met you folks and have never seen your hotel. Maybe we will stop by and have a cold one.

  8. -tim and ruth- said

    Tony and Cheri,

    Days like this are so hard…
    Thank you Belle for sharing your life with our dear friends.
    Our hearts are with you especially today.

  9. MJ (Starfish) & Mark said

    Oh T&C,
    The loss of a pet is so hard, they are such a part of family.
    My heart reaches out to the both of you.

  10. Mike & Barbara Scott said

    Tony & Cheri – Our thoughts are with you today as you say goodbye to Belle. We are both animal lovers and cannot imagine the pain you are going through. Belle has been lucky to have such a loving family for all of these years.

  11. Adam and Sarah said

    Sorry guys, we are saddened to hear this.
    Pets are family members and we both know how much it hurts.
    Thinking of you guys,
    Love Adam and Sarah.

  12. Popeye said

    Ah, shucks! I hate hearing the sad sad news. Bless you both for doing so much for Belle. What wonderful memories you have to last forever- Bye Belle

  13. Bruce & Gene said

    Dear Tony & Cheri,
    Thought of you all day today with tears in my eyes, then this afternoon I thought of your loving arms around Belle & a peaceful smile came to me. She will be missed, but her memory lives in our hearts forever. Thinking of you,
    Love, Bruce & Gene

  14. Streckman said

    Sorry to read this guys. From your account she was a very playful, tough, and caring little kitty. God bless and may her memories stay with you.

  15. Libby said

    Cheri and Tony, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! Belle was a very lucky kitty to have found you two. And you have been very blessed to have enjoyed her company for so long! Cherish your memories.

  16. msyfun said

    I feel for you. I had a cat for 23 yrs before I had to let her go. One of the saddest days of my life. I still miss her alot.

  17. Maureen Murphy said

    Tony & Cheri,

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Belle. She was a lucky little girl to live such a long, happy life in such a loving home.

    Take care,
    Maureen & Joe

  18. Tappy said

    Rest in peace sweet kitty

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