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More Chocolate in Playa!!

Posted by Tony & Cheri on May 25, 2008

The new Ah Cacao on Calle 30 at Fifth Avenue!This evening while out strolling we discovered to our delight that Ah Cacao Chocolate Café has opened a second store not far from the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden!

Mexico has long been known for its chocolate. The ancient Mayans used it as money and a religious sacrament. Today the wonderful tradition of Mayan and Mexican chocolate continues in many forms: dessert, drinks, pastries and candy.

Our favorite place to buy chocolate in Playa del Carmen is the Ah Cacao Chocolate Café. We originally discovered Ah Cacao through its brownies. Just one and we were hooked. They have become a staple for us as a personal treat or as an after-dinner dessert when we have friends or visitors. We also have gotten hooked on one of their many chocolate drinks, the Chocolate Maya. Imagine a small cup of chocolate milk as thick as a milkshake, but served hot. It is not sweet milk chocolate but dark, spicy, almond flavored chocolate. We’ve never had anything like it anywhere else. A little goes a long way.

In addition to these specialities, Ah Cacao serves a wide range of desserts and sweets including candies, cheesecake, ice cream and cooking chocolates. You can also find gourmet gourmet coffee drinks, ground coffee, cooking utensils, cookbooks and other sundries.

The new Ah Cacao is located on Calle 30 at the corner of Fifth Avenue and has been open for only three days. The new store is a little smaller than the original, but it has the same great chocolate confections and treats….and one improvement over the original: ice cold air conditioning so you can sit inside and enjoy your desserts.

Of course the original is still operating at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Constituyentes. Between the two of them you’ll never have to go very long or far to get your chocolate fix for the day. Both stores are open 7 days a week from 7:30 am to midnight. Enjoy…we sure will!

The Ah Cacao staff, on 30th Street at Fifth Avenue

Ah Cacao's world famous brownies

5 Responses to “More Chocolate in Playa!!”

  1. Ron Fong said

    Thanks for keeping us informed of what’s new in PDC …. plan on going back in Mid Jan ’09 … cheers ….. Ron Fong, Kelowna, BC

  2. Jackie said

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ah Cacao, I’ve never got past the brownies.

  3. PlayaLove said

    Love their brownies and a good cup of coffee

  4. Monica said

    I always get a brownie on the way back to the Blue after dinner…gotta get my chocolate fix…and now another location…yippee…the north end just keeps getting better….gonna have to try some of the other things on their menu next trip….thanks for the update guys!!

  5. Amy S. said

    We love PDC and always always visit multiple times for late night coffee or espresso. They sell the most beautiful gourmet Mexican vanilla and I can tell the difference. Its worth the extra expense! Also they have nibs which are lovely in my baking projects back home. Their chocolate mousse and brownies are divine. Totally worth the calories, after all you Are on Vacation! So glad to hear of your success in the new store opening. Congratulations!!!

    I used nibs last night in cookies. Yummy! Do you ship to the US?

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