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Some Sad News for the Luna Blue Family

Posted by Tony & Cheri on July 17, 2008

BlueWe’re very sorry to say that Blue, the much beloved hotel cat of the Luna Blue, passed away today. Blue had been a member of our family since we found her in a litter of feral kittens that had been born in our garden about two years ago. Blue was the only one we could save, and we kept her and raised her.

When we found her, she was the sickly runt of the litter, a frightened, hissing little ball of fur. She eventually grew into a wonderful pet and a great ambassador for our hotel. She lived in the garden of the hotel, or in bad weather inside the office. During last year’s tropical storm, she even got her own hotel room.

She learned to love people and attention. She generally hung out during the day on the front desk and would think nothing of crawling into the lap of any guest sitting on one of our couches. She also loved lounging on the floor of the bar, watching the people go by. She made it a habit of sauntering up when we stood talking with people in the reception area, where she would lie down across our feet as if reminding us who was really in charge.

Like all great cats, we didn’t own Blue; it was more the other way around. And Blue had more than just us at the hotel to adore her. She was a regular feature at Las Cazuelas, the tapas restaurant directly across the street. She knew she could count on Miguel, the owner, for a handout and would not be shooed away if she sat at customers’ feet begging for a bite of whatever was being served. The staff at Las Cazuelas is as sad as we are today.

Blue went very suddenly. She became extremely ill last week and we took her to Paco, our favorite vet. It turns out that she had a blood deficiency which does not allow the blood to regenerate. Because of this, she was unable to fight off an infection that spread through her body. Paco gave her a full blood transfusion and massive antibiotics. She rallied for a day or two, and there was some hope that she would return to the Luna Blue. Yesterday she took a turn for the worst, and this morning Paco gave us the bad news that she would not recover, and that it was time to stop her suffering.

Blue is going to be laid to rest in the garden at the Luna Blue, the only place she knew as home. She was a sweet, gentle cat, and we will miss her very much. 😦

11 Responses to “Some Sad News for the Luna Blue Family”

  1. Melissa said

    NO!!!!! Oh I am so sad to read this…..What a great life Blue had though….even visited us at Las Palmas. Heartbreaking…What a great life you gave her though! RIP Kitty. Hugs to you both!

  2. Rebecca & Steve Hecker said

    We are so sad to hear about Blue’s passing. Steve was particularly fond of Blue. She was such a tiny little thing and we loved when she greeted us in the morning. She had “dinner” with us one night at the restaurant at the corner. We gave her some steak and she hung out with us there. Thanks for taking such good care of a sweet Mexican street kitty! She will be missed.

  3. PlayaLove said

    OMG I am crying as I read this she was such a wonderful cat and I enjoyed her during my visit my heart go out to you both as I know how much you will miss her….

  4. Tom Beggs said

    We were at the Luna Blue in May as bar patrons and was fortunate to meet Blue. As cat owners and lovers we definitely feel your pain.

  5. Sharon/Queencityfan said

    I was so sorry to read this sad news this morning, our animal family members really steal into our hearts and it is so very sad when they leave.

    Blue had a beautiful life, and was probably the envy of many a cat in Playa.

  6. Margo said

    I opened your article and had an eye-widening start – the picture of Blue is the exact, exact, doppelganger – down to even the creamy orange-tan neck of my cat – Rummy – who just had a heart attack and died on my son’s bed the other morning! Rummy was 13 years old, and was playing like a kitten just the evening before bedtime. She also was a foundling…. a parent brought in a box of kittens to the school that she’d found tied into a grocery bag – ON THE HIGHWAY. The obscene act of a psycho. But I took one, then my neighbours’ kids wanted one, and the neighbours’ neighbour, so all were eventually adopted. She was my lab’s (Murphy) little sister, eventually the neighbourhood’s feline matriarch, holding court on the patio table, would sit across the keyboard to say “enough, already” to me, and always ended up on my son’s bed. It’ll take a while, but after a proper while, we’ll get another kitten we’ll love, I hope you can do. My empathic sympathies.

  7. Louise said

    Aww…poor little Luna. I’m sorry to hear this. I know how you two love all of your pets and you are so kind to animals. I hope that you can find solace in that you have done everything to get Luna better and that you have given her the best life that she could possibly have ever had. It’s so difficult to lose a pet. Hugs to both of you. xoxox

  8. Kristi said

    So sorry to hear of her passing. Pets are like family and the loss is always hard. I’m sure she had a wonderful life at the Luna Blue. Hugs! XXOX

  9. Maureen Murphy said

    Dear Tony & Cheri,

    I am so very, very sorry to hear the sad news of Blue’s passing! My heart goes out to you! I had the pleasure of meeting Blue at the first Jimmy Buffet party. She truly was an ambassador. What a sweet, affectionate little girl. She was so fortunate to have you both as loving parents.

    Take care, Maureen

  10. Michelle Chissler (maliasma) said

    My heart is broken. I fell in love with Blue during our week at the hotel last September. But, I know how much she was loved and how wonderfully she lived. May she rest in peace.

  11. Tim & Ruth said

    Sad news indeed…
    Just saw this tonight and told Ruth when she got home.
    We will miss Blue.

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