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Hello, Dolly

Posted by Tony & Cheri on July 21, 2008

Tropical Storm DollyWell, here we are again, blogging about a storm bearing down on us. It’s been almost a year…so we guess it’s about time. Still, Tropical Storm Dolly took us by surprise. It was supposed to be just another band of thunderstorms passing through when it suddenly organized itself into something bigger. It was only about midafternoon today that we discovered Dolly was upgraded to a tropical storm and that her 60+ mph winds were going to make landfall in Playa del Carmen this evening around 11 or 12 pm.

Taking advange of the unseasonal breeze, we went to lunch at El Pirata on the beach for some of the best Sopa Azteca in Playa and to check out the pre-storm ocean. We ran into some friends and took a few pictures. We wandered back through the crowds to the Luna Blue and found our bar filled with people. Unfortunately we also found that the thundershowers we had been awaiting had turned into a tropical storm of pretty good force, that it was going to hit in 6 or 7 hours, and the city in its wisdom had declared all alcohol sales prohibited. We made the disappointing announcement to the bar, bought one last round for everyone on us and began a speeded-up version of our pre-storm checklist. With our receptionist Jaime and our bartender Jose assisting, we quickly moved through the hotel taking down hammocks, carrying loungers and chairs to the bodega (storeroom), tying down the columpios (swings) in the bar, and generally securing anything that might swing or blow away in the upcoming winds.

And for the first time, not on our checklist was grabbing Blue and putting her into a room to keep her safe from the storm. 😦 We wiped away a tear over that.

Pre-Dolly clouds on the CaribbeanWhile spreading the news among the guests, we assured them of their safety. After all, this is just a storm, not a hurricane, and we’ve certainly weathered worse, but we still take it seriously. With the hotel secured, we headed home to follow the same routine for our home. This being only a tropical storm, there’s no need to board up windows, but we still need to make sure there are no items out in the open that can be thrown about by the wind.

That having all been done, we now settling in to enjoy our dinner, play with our new kitten (that’s another blog entry!) and watch the Fool’s Gold DVD we rented at Blockbuster a few days ago.

Right now it’s quiet and humid with an occasional gust of wind and burst of rain. If we’re awake and the storm warrants it (and we have power, of course), we may blog later tonight about what’s happening here. Otherwise, to all our friends and family, don’t worry, we’re safe & sound. And if you’re coming to Playa soon to visit, don’t worry about that either. The storm will move quickly through, damage if any will be minimal, and Playa will be up and operating by tomorrow afternoon.

Hasta luego.

One Response to “Hello, Dolly”

  1. Ron Fong said

    I hope the storm does no damage …… c u in Feb. ’09! Ron Fong, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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