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Bomberos Catamaya Sunset Cruise 2008

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 9, 2008

This event has been cancelled. Thank you to all the people who donated money. You credit cards will not be charged. And thank you very much to Catamaya Cruises for their very generous offer. We still highly recommend Catamaya as one of the finest tours in the area. Thanks also to Sarah Bursey of Graphicos Design for designing the t-shirt.


On August 22, Mexico will celebrate Dia de los Bomberos, or Firemen’s Day. Here in Playa there is extra reason to celebrate as our local Bomberos will soon be opening three new fire stations here in town. There will be a large gathering at the main firehouse with an all day open house and festivities, including the presention of the firefighter team and individual awards given by the State of Quintana Roo, and won (of course) by our own Bomberos de la Riviera Maya. If you have a chance, stop by the fire station that day to meet and say thanks to some of the people who keep all of us is Playa Del Carmen–locals and visitors alike–safe.

One of the things that make our Bomberos very special is that they exist on contributions from a grateful public. Locals and visitors both benefit from the hard and often dangerous work of the Bomberos and have generously contributed donations allowing the Bomberos to buy the expensive equipment needed to protect the community. Those needs are ongoing, and on behalf of the Bomberos, we are asking for your help in protecting the little slice of paradise we all love, Playa Del Carmen.

So…..Catamaya Cruises and the Luna Blue Hotel & Bar are proud to announce:

The Bomberos Catamaya Sunset Cruise 2008

On Sunday August 24th Catamaya Cruises will offer a special Sunset Cruise with 100% of all ticket sales going to the Bomberos. All costs of the trip are being paid for by the generous folks at Catamaya!! Luna Blue will be coordinating the event & donating commemorative t-shirts.
The Catamaya Cataman

The cruise starts at 3:30 pm and continues until 7:30 pm. We will sail the beautiful Caribbean Sea, snorkel, swim and grill hamburgers on the open deck (with appropriate side dishes and munchies) as we watch the sunset. There will also be an open bar. And you will get a chance to talk with some of the firefighters themselves who will also be along to share their stories, including Bomberos President Brian Borjesson.

Cost is $80.00 USD per person including transportation to and from Playa Del Carmen (the Catamaya leaves from Puerto Aventuras). Tickets must be purchased in advance. Simply go to the Luna Blue website reservation page and authorize your credit card payment. In the “notes” space just type “Bomberos Cruise.”  You will receive confirmation of your ticket purchase via e-mail within a few days.  Or, if you live in Playa or are visiting, stop by the Luna Blue Hotel any day between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm and pay in person.

Last year, donations helped purchase two sets of the “Jaws of Life” which are used to extract victims from badly mangled vehicle wrecks. In the past 12 months, the Bomberos saved the lives of more than 20 people using the Jaws of Life by enabling them to free the victims from the wreckage of their cars. Our friends Mayte and Alex are among those who were saved with this vital equipment. Donations from the Bomberos Catamaya Sunset Cruise 2008 will help purchase a badly needed additional set of the Jaws of Life so even more lives can be saved.

Bomberos of the Riviera Maya fire truckThis is a not-to-be-missed event…a great time sailing on the sea and a chance to help some real heroes do their job. And if you can’t be here, you can still be a “Bomberos Buddy” by making a donation. Every person who donates $25.00 US or more (or buys a ticket for the cruise) will receive a one of a kind “Bomberos Sunset Cruise 2008/Bomberos Buddy” t-shirt . These donations will also be used to purchase tickets for deserving people who might not otherwise get a chance to join us…other local heroes who do tremendous work in helping make Playa del Carmen the special place that it is. And the t-shirts (which we’re hoping to have designed by the lovely SarahB) will promise to be collector’s items!

Don’t wait. Space is limited to 80 passengers… Send your ticket order or contribution today so you too can proudly say, “I’m a Bomberos Buddy!”

For more info on our Bomberos here is an article which appears in the August 2008 Playa Del Carmen Tourist Information Magazine written by Editor Scott Novak and re-printed here with permission:

Dia de bomberos, as it is known here, is recognized throughout the world with the exception of the U.S. and Canada. It is particularly big in Latin America, where the populace is very aware that the fire protection they count on is largely a volunteer effort.Playa del Carmen, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, is fortunate to have a well equipped, professional fire department. Its history is short because Playa was just a small village not that long ago. A volunteer “bucket brigade” was formed in 1995 after a visiting tourist lost his R.V. to an electrical fire. By 1998 there was a full-time force of eight men, without a lot of equipment, but with a firehouse.

The year 2000 saw the arrival of Playa’s first fire truck, a 1964 Seagraves donated by sister city Glendale, Colorado. That’s the white fire truck we now see on the roof of the fire station as a remembrance. That truck, and the men who operated it, saved many lives. That’s why it sits there.

Now, in 2008 Playa’s Fire Dept is recognized as the best, most well organized, and effective team in the state. Fire fighters from Cancun, Cozumel, Chetumal, and indeed all over the country come to Playa every year for training at the annual Academy in April. The force, comprising about 50, now has around 20 vehicles including 13 trucks, pumpers, tankers, 3 ambulances, and a 75 foot ladder truck. They’ve also just acquired an all-weather rescue boat.

The department currently responds to about 700 calls per year, and not just for fires. The entire force is trained in urban rescue techniques, first aid, and CPR. Their 3 victim ambulances are equipped with the “Jaws of Life” so they can extricate accident victims much faster than the private ambulances. Dangerous wild animals, poisonous snakes, hornets nests; the call goes to the fire dept. They maintain extensive coordination with Civil Protection and other emergency service workers, particularly during hurricane season.

The dedicated firemen who make up the force do it to help their community, not for money, of which they don’t receive much. Rather their own fundraising efforts bring in resrouces for much needed equipment. You can help out by buying a tee shirt at

2 Responses to “Bomberos Catamaya Sunset Cruise 2008”

  1. Yippee!! We’re in for sure. I’ll drop by the hotel next week!

  2. - Tim & Ruth - said

    Way to go guys!
    Muy Affecionado, or something like that….

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