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Why We Never Have Time to Go to the Beach

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 30, 2008

Friday, Aug 29, a relatively average day:

The bane of our FridayGet up early and do our morning tasks. At 9:00 am the two of us walk over to Nativo & get some fruit drinks para llevar and head to Scotiabank to pick up a new e-llave, the little security token we need to do our internet banking. Since all of the monthly tax payments have to be done via the internet, this little thingy is required for us to do anything with our bank account. The one we have stopped working, so we need a new one. No big deal, we think.

We wait in line 30 minutes for one of the account executives. He tells us lo siento, but they have no e-llaves. Of course not. Why did we think this would be easy? At our request, he calls over to the Centro Maya branch, a 20 minute drive across town, to confirm they do indeed have them. No problem.

Tony goes to the hotel to work & Cheri drives across town to the bank. She waits 40 minutes for an account executive. After ten minutes, he decides his computer isn’t working properly, so she’s handed off to another guy who enters some data into his computer and then tells Cheri to go stand in the teller line to pick up the token. After twenty minutes in line, the teller asks for Cheri’s passport, which of course she hadn’t thought to bring.

Back across town. Stop at the hotel and write some checks (might as well do the other banking at the same time). Pick up passport at home. Drive back to the bank.

Stand in line another 30 minutes. The teller tells Cheri to go stand in line for the account executives if she wants an e-llave. Trying hard not to explode, Cheri explains that she has already talked to him and he told her to pick it up from the teller and no, he didn’t give her any paper with numbers on it. After Cheri refuses to back down, the teller hands her off to the manager. After the manager looks at his computer for awhile, then has a pow wow with two other people and then calls over the original account executive, the manager asks, “Quien es Anthony Head?” She replies, “mi esposo.” Oh, lo siento, but the e-llave is issued to him, I’m very sorry but we can’t just give it to YOU. Bank policy, you understand. After ten minutes of begging, pleading, frustration and explanation gets her nowhere, Cheri asks the manager if he’s SURE he’ll be there in 45 minutes when she returns with Tony. Yes of course, no problema. Then she asks if he can at least cash her two checks. No, sorry, you have to wait for one of the tellers for that. ARGHH!!!

Twenty five minutes later, she gets back in the Big Bastard & calls Tony and tells him to find his passport, because only HE can be issued this stupid little piece of plastic. THEY COULDN’T HAVE MENTIONED THIS ON EITHER OF THE LAST TWO TRIPS HERE???!?!? Tension level: very high. He goes home, finds his passport. Cheri picks him up so that she can return for the FOURTH trip to the bank today. We’re not happy.

On our way into the bank we see the bank manager leaving, of course. When it’s clear we’re about to accost him the parking lot, he tells us no problema, go see Ana at window 3 and she’ll help you. We go in and walk up to window 3, infuriating all the people standing in line waiting (do they KNOW this is our 4th trip to the bank today?!?!). Ana motions us over to another window where she spends the next 45 MINUTES looking at her computer, punching in numbers, looking frustrated, and getting nowhere. Finally we ask what the problem is. She says that her computer system is not working, but we can wait if we want to. By now it’s 3:30 on Friday afternoon, the last banking day of the month. We’re both ready to scream. She senses the frustration and says that she’ll keep trying to make it work and as soon as it’s ready, she’ll call us and all we’ll have to do is come back and pick it up. Yeah. We’ve heard that one before. Give ’em some hope so they’ll go home & leave us alone.

We leave. She never calls. The bank closes at 5:00.

Total trips to the bank? Four

Total time spent on this task? Six and a half hours

Mission accomplished? Not even close

Welcome to our world. Now you know why tequila is so popular in Mexico. 🙂

3 Responses to “Why We Never Have Time to Go to the Beach”

  1. Lovesthesun said

    Is that why the word “Manana” is so popular?

  2. I soooo feel your pain. I must say, Bancomer has been a godsend. I don’t know why we still keep some business accounts at Scotiabank. Everthing there is an issue. Aaaargh!!

  3. Jaffa said

    Just like in Lake Tahoe (the movie). That’s my Mexico and our ‘laid-back’ system. Paradise isn’t free of minuses, anyway.

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