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Don’t Forget to VOTE!

Posted by Tony & Cheri on November 3, 2008

VOTE ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4Just a reminder to all of our fellow Americans: Tomorrow is possibly the most important election of our lives. If you haven’t already done so, please go to the polls tomorrow. Take something to read and a bottle of water or a thermos of coffee and stand in line as long as it takes to cast your vote. No matter how long it takes, it will be time well spent.

In addition, if you cannot find or have not received your voter registration you can still vote. There will be a record of your registration on file at your polling place. Take a picture ID and a piece of mail with your name and address if you are voting at your polling place for the first time and do not have a voter registration card in hand.

Also, don’t wear anything (clothing or buttons) that support one candidate. Depending on the state, there are laws outlawing campaigning within a certain distance of a polling place, and wearing supportive clothing can be considered campaigning. In such case you may not be allowed to vote, so just don’t take that chance.

Living outside the United States, we have had the opportunity to see other forms of government at work. And frankly none of them work as well as our democracy. Despite the animosity between supporters of each side and despite disdain of the media and distrust of politicians, in the US we are never stopped from voicing our feelings, our complaints and our opinions. That’s not true everywhere else in the world. The only reason we get to speak our mind is because we keep our democracy alive by voting.

So tomorrow it doesn’t matter to us whether you vote Democrat or Republic (although we have our preference), just get out and vote. People have worked and suffered and even died for that right, so lets make the most of it.

One Response to “Don’t Forget to VOTE!”

  1. Louise said

    I love the passion in you.

    Canada is watching the outcome and standing behind you…no matter what.

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