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New and Improved: LunaBlueHotel Dot Com!

Posted by Tony & Cheri on January 7, 2009

We’re pleased as punch to announce that FINALLY, as of yesterday, we have a website of which we can be proud! The day to day work of running the hotel has consumed all of our energy these past three years, and somehow updating our website was always put on the back burner.

But then our friend Mike, creator of the awesome video site about Playa del Carmen, Playatube, said, “Hey, I’ll do your website.” After a huge amount of patience on his part, weeks of sending detailed emails back and forth, and several long breaks where he thought we had fallen off the planet, he produced what we think is a really great site, the new and improved Not only did Mike create some kick ass videos but he worked closely with us to get all the pages just right. He was a dream to work with–just the right mix of “I’ll do whatever you want” and “Let me tell you why I think your way won’t work.” 🙂

We’re happy as clams. Check out our new website if you get a chance and give us your feedback. Now that we have a fresh new site, we’re hoping to keep it updated on a more regular basis with current happenings in Playa, hotel specials and other goodies. We’re also planning to integrate our blog onto our main site later in the year, as well.

And to Cheri’s brother Dean in Sacramento (owner of our favorite shopping site, where we start whenever we buy anything online,, who spent hours and hours of time he didn’t really have, thank you SOOOOO much for everything. Your knowledge, advice and time was very much appreciated. You’re the best!!

Woo hoo!! We’ve earned us a beach day!

P.S. Important note: We love feedback on our blog. However, if you’re doing a comment here requesting information on hotel availability, your’re better off going to our new website and sending us a request via email. Other than the times we have trouble with email (it is Mexico, after all) that’s the fastest way to reach us, since we generally respond to email every single day. Muchas gracias.

3 Responses to “New and Improved: LunaBlueHotel Dot Com!”

  1. Rebecca Hecker said

    Love the new website!! The video of the pictures does your hotel justice and truly looks exactly as it does in person! You do a wonderful job of presenting your hotel exactly as one would find it in person! I can’t wait to come back and visit your awesome piece of paradise again!

    Rebecca & Steve Hecker

  2. Eileen said

    Awesome new website….clean, concise and easy to navigate. Great job you guys!

  3. Sherry Yeany said

    Congrats on your new website. It’s gorgeous! I sent the link to the video to my two adult kids and their spouses and they went nuts. We’re the envy of our entire family! Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying your lovely hotel. See you in Feb.

    Sherry & Jack Yeany

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