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The Luna Blue’s Newest Beach Club…Blucacao

Posted by Tony & Cheri on January 10, 2009

Update 10/13/10: We are sad to announce that Blucacao Beach Club is currently closed for renovations. Word is that it may open after the first of the year under new ownership. If such is the case, we will try to forge a new relationship for the benefit of our guests. Nothing lasts forever, especially in paradise. πŸ™‚

Blucacao Beach ClubWe’re not asking anybody to feel sorry for us, but the truth is, we work hard. Today, for example, was a Research & Development day. And we take our R&D seriously. Today’s project was to check out Blucacao Beach Club and meet with their management team. The fact that checking it out meant having lunch and drinks and sitting by the pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard work. **sigh** Our life is tough! πŸ™‚

But it was worth the effort, because we are proud to announce that Blucacao Beach Club is now part of the Luna Blue family. Guests at the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden can now use the facilities at Blucacao (chairs, loungers, beds, pool, etc.) absolutely free.

Blucacao is an intimate beach club, restaurant and bar set overlooking a great stretch of beach about 4 miles north of the Luna Blue in the Grand Coral complex. The club centers around two beautiful pools which set side by side and whose blue color matches the Caribbean just beyond. Both pools are shallow, with just enough water in either one to sit with a drink in your hand surrounded by calm, clear water while you gaze out at the horizon. Surrounding the pools are various lounge chairs, couches, tables, and beds. There’s also a bar and an excellent restaurant headed up by renowned chef Cupertino Ortiz. And of course, there is the beach with loungers, white sand and great water.

Blucacao stands out as one of the area’s most upscale beach clubs. The prices for the drinks were a little steep (between $80 and $100 pesos per mixed drink). The prices for the food were similar to most beach clubs (somewhat pricey. The real difference was that the quality of the food, drinks and service were all top notch. The service staff was friendly, competent and quick. Cheri’s drink, a Malibu Coconutini, was good sized and delicious. For lunch we had Adobo Shrimp Chalupitas with avocado and cilantro to start. It was an unusual dish for a beachfront restaurant but really tasty. We then split a cheeseburger and fries. We have to say this was the best and largest burger we have had in Mexico. It was excellent, and even splitting it filled both of us. The steak fries that it came with were not greasy but were crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and piping hot. The menu, which we were told would be updated soon, reflects more the style of a Fifth Avenue restaurant than a traditional beach club. Salads, ceviches, sushi, pasta, fish, chicken, arrachera were all available.

The real reason we liked Blucacao Beach Club was the feeling of seclusion and tranquility. It’s smaller than Kool and Mamita’s in north Playa but is more comfortable, upscale and, most importantly, because it’s located outside of town, it is less crowded than any club we’ve seen on any beach in Playa. And the club is first rate all the way. Cushioned beds are laid out on the beach, and beautiful loungers line the pool. There are even a couple of sunbeds set so that you can see both the pool and the beach without having to get up. There are large sunbeds down on the sand, as well. Prices range from $50 pesos to $300 pesos for chairs and beds.

This club was originally designed to be exclusively for the Mareazul condo development. However, this being Mexico, the construction of the condos has not gone as rapidly as was planned. In fact, right now they appear to be at least a year or more away from being completed. In the meantime, Blucacao is open to the public. It’s accessible by car or taxi off of highway 307 through the entrance to the Grand Coral Resort complex. Just tell the guard you’re going to Blucacao and follow the signs that say Mareazul. There is a large well-paved parking lot with a security guard.

Of course, we’ll continue to offer our guests free use of the facilities at Mamita’s Beach Club as well. Now our guests have two choices: the laid back fun atmosphere of nearby Mamita’s or the more secluded, upscale exclusivity of Blucacao. Both free if you stay at the Luna Blue.

We guess we better go rest up now. We have another hard day of R&D scheduled tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Here are some more pictures of Blucacao, the bar, and our lunch.

Blucacao's pools, as viewed from the bar

Blucacao Beach Club

Blucacao Beach Club

Blucacao Beach Club bar

Blucacao Beach Club

The beach in front of Blucacao, as viewed from the 2nd floor, looking south towards Playa

Malibu Coconutini

Adobo Shrimp Chalupitas

Hamburger & Fries

11 Responses to “The Luna Blue’s Newest Beach Club…Blucacao”

  1. Tim and Ruth said


    Looks like something right out of Travel Channel~!

  2. Caroline Page said

    Hi Cheri! This looks awesome and I’ll be checking it out soon. We arrrive tomorrow (Sat, Jan 10) for 4+ months.

    In March Bill’s family will be coming in for his 60th bday and Blucacao looks like a fantastic place for a gang beach day. Thanks so much for letting us know about it!

    And again,thanks for helping us rent our house over Xmas/NY. We got a 12 night listing from one of the vac sites, so that was good.


  3. micheleinplaya said

    Very nice!! I haven’t seen the beach club since it was still under construction. Looks fabulous!!

  4. Leanne & Scott said

    We are so excited…101 days and counting! πŸ™‚ Blucacao looks a lot more ‘refined’ and laid back than Mamitas…a lot less ‘party party’ so I think we’re going to prefer it…but we’ll have to try ’em both to see for sure! πŸ˜‰ Drinks are pricey, but I’m sure they’re worth it! Any idea how much a cab will cost there from the hotel?

    See you on April 21st!

  5. Robert Coleman said

    Dear Cheri and Tony,

    Blucacao looks awesome. This will be a great daytime destination for Cindy and I. Beach looks great, too. How far off the shore is the reef? Where is this club in relationship to Captain Lafite’s. We will be back at Luna Blue May 13th! We really enjoy your news updates.

  6. Louise said

    Very, very nice. You two have to stop working so hard and delegate a little more. I will come and work for free, how’s that for an offer, eh?

    Louise xo

  7. […] Constituyentes or a five minute cab ride) you will find Blucacao Beach Club. We have written about Blucacao on this blog before. While on the high end price-wise, Blucacao has one of the best […]

  8. Adam Crawford said

    I had the Tuna Tostada and it was one of the best meals I have had at any restaurant in Playa. We were laying on the beach bed and when lunch was ready, the waiter brought us a table and chairs so we could properly enjoy our lunch on the beach. We paid 100 pesos to get there and around 150 to come back.

  9. sherie said

    very nice. a nice view and fantastic food πŸ™‚ perfect for family vacation.

  10. Kim said

    Hello, can you tell me if Blucacao is still closed? Our son is getting married in Playa this summer and the wedding coordinator suggested it as a site for the ceremony and dinner. We are scheduled to meet with her and go there 2-17 and I am a bit confused/curious as to what the situation is there. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest Regards!

    • The beach club/restaurant that used to be called Blucacao has reopened as the Beach Club at Grand Coral. Guests of the Luna Blue still enjoy the same privileges as they did when it was Blucacao. The manager has said he will be improving the property in the near future, but right now it looks very similar to how it looked when it was still Blucacao.

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