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Another Successful Fundraiser at the Luna Blue

Posted by Tony & Cheri on June 9, 2009

Update January 14, 2011. As of today the Luna Blue Hotel no longer supports Coco’s Cat Rescue. It has come to light that they along with others have acted in what we consider to be an unethical manner, attempting to undermine and destroy another local charity. We are saddened by this, as we believe all of the charities in Playa have a place and do good work in our community. We are therefore no longer supporting Coco’s Cat Rescue with our contributions, and we suggest our friends and followers of this blog take similar action. We hope in the future that they may learn to work more fully with the entire community.

The Coco’s Cat Rescue fundraiser at the Luna Blue Bar on Saturday night was a huge success. We were happy and proud to be able to host this event for such a worthy cause. There was a huge turnout from locals, visitors and a good number of TripAdvisor forum members who were having a meetup at the Luna Blue the same night.

The Coco’s Cat Rescue folks sold raffle tickets and gave away 30 great prizes. If you bought tickets and want to know if you won, check here. They also sold t-shirts and stickers and provided information about spaying & neutering of feral cats, including notice of their free sterilization clinic coming up next week. Two adorable kittens were passed around and gushed over. Meanwhile, the Luna Blue rocked. People sat for caricature drawings; dined on Papa T’s famous burgers (courtesy of Rob & Michele of & Life’s a Beach blog); sipped on our special drink of the evening, the Coco’s Catini; and listened to music performed by mariachis and Bad Brad Ryan of the Mojo Zone. Brad was joined by Papayito on the sax. Special note: Brad and Papayito will be playing every Tuesday night, starting tomorrow, at the Luna Blue Bar!

It was a wonderful evening, and Coco’s raised over $35,000 pesos! Here are some pictures of the many friends who stopped by to add to the fun:

Vanessa & Claire

Knoxvilletravelgirl & the Mister and Beachbums2Houston_TX & the Mister (from the TripAdvisor forum)

Early evening mariachis keepin’ it real…Mexican

Laura, the founder of Coco’s, and Pamela, a CCR volunteer

Vanessa, Maureen & Laura

Another pic of Knoxvillegirl & hubby

Heather of

Local Mark, aka PlayadelSoul on both Tripadvisor and Intheroo, known affectionately as “Fanta Boy” at the Luna Blue

The girls manning the raffle ticket table

Carlos & Marissa

Keersten with her sexy caricature drawing

Bad Brad & Papayito

Tripadvisor member Zeeka (Becky) snuggling one of the kittens

Andy & Jen, owners of the Peanut Pet Shelter

Coco’s Bulletin Board

Coco’s t-shirts displayed

Quite a crowd

Laura, Coco’s founder, & Michele of Life’s A Beach blog

The party spilled out into the street

Visit our new Facebook page and become a fan of Luna Blue Hotel & Bar!

3 Responses to “Another Successful Fundraiser at the Luna Blue”

  1. Tim & Ruth said

    Kudos to T&C and all who attended and helped.

    Nice gesture too, Michele and Rob.

    The Luna Blue looks marvelous…

  2. Robert Coleman said

    Looks like a great event. Did the musicians play any music by Gato Barbieri? 🙂 Our cat wants to go next time. When Cindy and I are staying in October are there any special events you are hosting?

  3. It was a great night. You both were, as always, wonderful hosts. Laura and her crew did a fantastic job of organizing everything. Looking forward to the next one!!

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