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A Rainbow Celebration–Celebrate Diversity, Tolerance and Equality…and Win 5 Nights at the Luna Blue Hotel

Posted by Tony & Cheri on May 21, 2010

June is International Pride Month. It is a time to celebrate peoples’ diversity and common humanity. Regardless of race, color, religion or sexual orientation, we are all people equally deserving of freedom and dignity and recognition as part of the family of man.

As part of the worldwide celebration, the Luna Blue Hotel & Bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is hosting a party on June 11 to mark the anniversary of the enactment of the Mexican federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual preference or orientation. We are calling it our “Rainbow Celebration.”

It will be a true Mexican fiesta with live music, plenty of tequila and lots fun. But we also are planning something a little different. We would like to create and exhibit a photo montage gallery celebrating diversity and tolerance. So we are asking our friends and family, and their friends and families, and anyone who shares a love of equality to participate.

Please send us a photo via e-mail of a person, place, happening or iconic image which you think embodies the values of diversity and tolerance. It could be someone you know or someone you admired from a distance. It could be an event you were part of or one that simply changed you by hearing about it. For example here are some of the photos we will be posting in the gallery: a picture of our dear friends Bill and Barbara Oates whose interracial marriage met prejudice and hatred with dignity and love… a photo we took on our recent trip to New York of the Stonewall bar where protests against discriminatory laws and police action heralded the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement…a photo of Zen master Reb Anderson whose teachings of love for all beings has touched so many people.

What has been your inspiration to be tolerant and accepting of the diversity of the world? Please share your photo with us. You can let the photo speak for itself or you can offer a short commentary. If we have room we will post as many of the comments as we can along with the photos.

We may only get enough photos to make a poster or two. But we hope we get enough to make a wall of posters…the Equality Gallery. When the celebration is over we will create a website and post the photo montage on it for everyone to see.

And we will have a drawing at our Rainbow Celebration. The names of all those who submit photos will be placed in a jar and one name will be chosen at random. That person will receive a 5 night free stay at the award-winning Luna Blue Hotel. It is our way of saying thanks for helping.

Send your photos to by June 5. And if you can, please join us on June 11, 2010 for our Rainbow Celebration of Diversity in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Click here to follow the Luna Blue Hotel & Bar on Facebook and watch the photos as they come in! Or click here to go directly to our Equality Gallery.

2 Responses to “A Rainbow Celebration–Celebrate Diversity, Tolerance and Equality…and Win 5 Nights at the Luna Blue Hotel”

  1. Gwyneth Thomas said

    I hope this link is able to be opened. I wasn’t sure how to send it otherwise.

    This photo was taken Feb. 2009 at the Playa parade. There was a large group of men marching in grass skirts with inflated balloons under their tops. I’m fairly certain that most of the men in the parade weren’t gay, but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the frivolity and excitement they exhibited. There is something about wearing a costume, something very freeing, allowing your inner wildness to come out without fear of being ridiculed. That men dressed as women (or caricatures of women) were in such a party mood leads me to believe that a little gender-bending lives in all of us.

  2. haveityourway said

    Disabled are the forgotten minority. Teaching tolerance extends to disabled persons, ya know. See you tube video “Teaching Next Generation to Know Autism” This is an excellent example of how we can teach the children how to embrace and help those among us who are vulnerable to discrimination, neglect or apathy.

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