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Mexican Hotel Rejects Gay Wedding

Posted by Tony & Cheri on August 22, 2011

It is hard for us to believe, but we have just heard that a giant five-star resort here in the Riviera Maya refused to allow a wedding ceremony in their hotel because the couple is gay. We are outraged and saddened by such behavior in our adopted country. But truthfully, we’re not surprised.

Whenever someone posts on travel forums looking for gay-friendly hotels, there are often responses that question why someone would require a gay-friendly accommodation. It is often asked: why can’t the gay traveler be content to accept accommodations which are open to everyone?

The simple reason is that the gay traveler still finds discrimination in the travel industry everywhere in the world, even in Mexico, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and where same sex marriage is legal in Mexico City.

An example of this discrimination can be found at the five star La Amada Hotel resort here in the Riviera Maya (just north of Cancun), which specializes in wedding ceremonies and honeymoon packages for their guests. On their web page “facts sheet,” the section on “Romance” reads as follows:

“Our professional staff, superior catering options
and breathtaking backdrops invite you to experience
the Mexican honeymoon you’ve always imagined.”

It would appear however that romance at the La Amada Hotel is limited only to straight couples. Recently when a gay couple contacted the hotel to arrange for a wedding and reception, they received the following rejection letter:

“Dear [Redacted]: Thank you for you interests for La Amada Hotel.
Being a family friendly resort, we unfortunately cannot support or perform
a gay wedding. I understand you want to have a small intimate
ceremony, but we cannot proceed.”

As members of the travel industry, we are outraged at such blatant discrimination. We, the owners of the Luna Blue Hotel, support equal rights for all people regardless of religion, race or sexual preference/orientation. We believe that a hotel can be both family-friendly and supportive of gay couples.

We would ask our friends and readers of our blog to join us in condemning such behavior in the travel industry. Let the La Amada Hotel know that such discrimination is not acceptable. You can send your comments to them by emailing .

News stories regarding this outrageous behavior have properly protected the privacy of the couple involved. However, if their names become public, we ask the readers of this blog to let us know. We would love to offer the wedding couple a free stay at the Luna Blue Hotel to celebrate their love and to let them know that not all of Mexico practices discrimination. We may not be a five-star resort like La Amada, but we think everyone in love should have a chance to celebrate that love.

By the way, the rainbow flag shown above is a Tibetan Buddhist prayer flag. It is hoped that as breezes flow through the flags, the sentiments expressed there (courage, joy, spirit, celebrate, community, equality and diversity) will be carried out into the world. This flag proudly hangs in the Luna Blue Bar.

10 Responses to “Mexican Hotel Rejects Gay Wedding”

  1. Thank you guys, for continually being decent and awesome.

  2. Both my wife, Cindy, and I support your concern and anger. See you in October.
    Robert Coleman

  3. amy said

    I want to thank you for your comments -and your actions! And let you know that it is actually this very sort of behavior on your part that recently prompted January reservations at the Luna Blue for my friends and I.

    When I searched trip adviser for info on gay hotels in PdC, I didn’t find much. But I did find a thread where someone asked about the gay friendliness of a couple hotels. While the poster was pounded with a lot of comments I’m sure the writers felt were open-minded; it is obvious to someone who has felt discrimination that their suggestion to “not worry because nobody cares” was uninformed. Your comments to those folks were spot on and showed a level of understanding that sent me immediately to your website.

    Thank you for speaking your mind!

  4. Tim Smith said

    I can’t say anything more, nor any better than David Reynolds-Gier already said.

    Your concern for fairness and for the plight of your fellow man above your own, is just one of the reasons you both have our hearts forever.

  5. You are awesome as always!

  6. Tj Mundell said

    My partner and I are planning on a ceremony on December 21, 2012 at Luna Blue along with my mom, her boyfriend, aunt, and uncle… The Mundells and the Hulkas will gayfully decend upon LB with celebrations so loud that La Amada will wish they could be a part of it!
    Thank you for this post, it really means a lot! Timmy and I look forward to our first trip with the gang in about 2 months for Halloween… I’m glad we can be confident in a worry-free stay with such AWESOME people!!!!

  7. Denis Poulin said

    Hi Cheri and Tony!

    Bravo for your reporting of this story, as clients who have been to Luna Blue twice a couple years ago, we know you are thruthfully speaking and it’s all in your honor to offer this couple a free stay at your charming hotel if you find them. We felt very welcomed both times we were there and reading your blog from time to time and we are glad to see that Luna Blue is still very popular! Keep up the good work!

    Denis and Daniel
    Montreal, Québec

  8. I do not see anything wrong with their decision. First of all, it’s not your country, you are guests and therefore should respect their culture and traditions. If you want to impose your views and ideas, do it in your own country.
    I am tired of all you lefties trying to impose your ways on everyone else. Leave Mexicans to their own affairs and just be thankful for what this beautiful country has to offer us foreigners…
    Roger in Canada

    • At first we were going to simply delete this comment. Anyone who is so simplistic in their thinking and world view as to call names like “you lefties” aren’t the type of people we generally seek to reach with our blog. However this comment raises some issues we think need responding to.

      First, our blog entry in no way criticized the country of Mexico. Mexico has long had laws which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Recently Mexico made same gender marriages legal. And we are proud to say that same sex marriage licenses can no be issued in Quintana Roo. So this isn’t about Mexico’s culture or traditions being disrespected.

      Next, human rights and dignity is not about one country’s culture, religion or traditions. It is about personal freedom for all people and that includes the freedom to marry. That is not a right that should ever be trampled upon, and to support that right is not an imposition but a duty.

      Finally, the act of discrimination against gay people we criticized was not an act of either the people or government of a country, but rather was an illegal act by a foreign business operating in this country. And we feel strongly that we have the right to speak out against that discrimination under the guarantees of freedom we enjoy as “guests” of this wonderful country.

      And Roger, if you want to speak out against people’s rights to live their own lives, do it elsewhere. Such comments will not be allowed on our blog.

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