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About Tony & Cheri

Tony & Cheri, owners of the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Hi, we’re Tony & Cheri.

Seven years ago we were deeply entrenched in the rat race and living in San Francisco. While on vacation in Mexico, we fell in love with Playa del Carmen. Like so many people, while lying on the beach and sipping margaritas, we turned to each other and said, “We should live here.”

In a fit of middle-aged madness, we decided to make the move.  In a tropical version of the Beverly Hillbillies, we loaded everything we could into a Chevy Express van and drove 4000 miles to our new home.  We bought a run down hotel and spent the next year turning it into what is now the most popular small hotel in all of Playa del Carmen, the Luna Blue Hotel & Bar. About a year after our grand opening, we proudly accepted the 2006 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice award for Best Bargain — Caribbean !!

We know we’re living a dream shared by a lot of people.  How we got here–the ups, the downs, the good and the bad–is a story many people seem to enjoy hearing.  So we decided to start PlayaZone, a blog about our adventures in Playa del Carmen, Mexico along with links to some of our favorite sites about travel and the Caribbean.

We also wanted to share our love for Mexico and Playa del Carmen with other people.  One of the things that people say makes our hotel special is our willingness to share our knowledge of this beautiful resort area with visitors.  As locals living here, we have firsthand experiences with the best and worst restaurants, the prettiest and most secret beaches and the best tours.  We can tell you where to get a great shrimp taco, find a deserted beach, or climb a thousand year old pyramid without spending a lot of money.  Stick with us; we won’t lead you astray.

And for the record, this Playa del Carmen blog is a non-commercial site.  Every restaurant, tour or activity we recommend is because we like it, not because we’re getting a commission or kickback.  No business, enterprise or activity has paid any money for us to mention them on this site.  The opinions expressed here will be honest ones, whether we like something or not.  

To read our blog,
simply click on “Home” at the top of the page. This will take you to our latest blog entry. You can scroll down to see our prior posts. Or, if you wish to go to blog posts concerning a particular subject, click on the “Categories” section on the right-hand side. That will take you to entries on that particular topic. And always remember that you can leave a comment on any blog entry.

To take our virtual tour of Playa del Carmen, we suggest not only reading our blog entries, but also clicking on the “Pages” listed at the top of column to the right. We are continually updating this information. Between our blog postings and our information pages, you will get a pretty good idea of what is available to do on vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Ask a Local Expert a question: We have been designated “Local Experts” for Playa del Carmen by, the world’s largest online travel forum. If you have a question about Playa del Carmen, click here to post it on’s Playa del Carmen forum. You can even address your question to us, if you wish. Either we or some other knowledgeable person on the forum will give you a prompt reply.

Our favorite links: On the left sidebar, you’ll find links to some of our favorite websites, including the web page for the Luna Blue Hotel & Garden in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Thank you for visiting us here at PlayaZone. If you do get to Playa del Carmen, please stop by the Luna Blue and say hi. We’re here almost every day, still livin’ the dream.

Buen viaje,

Tony & Cheri 

Luna Blue Hotel & Garden

P.S.  While exploring Playa del Carmen with us, we suggest tuning into Radio Margaritaville.  We think it’s the perfect soundtrack for your travels through Luna Blue’s PlayaZone.  Enjoy!


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107 Responses to “About Tony & Cheri”

  1. Barry said

    OK, I first posted early in the day before I had a chance to really soak it all in. This BLOG- ROCKS!!
    Just tuned into Radio Margaritaville and “Tupelo Honey” was playing- I LOVE THAT SONG and then being able to re-play all those fabulous restaurants, beaches,ruins and such was just like sitting in the reception garden listening to Tony tell the newcomers; where, what, whys and whens of Playa.

  2. Hope to meet up with you guys at “the Blue” or in New Orleans. I have been following your journey on the “other” message board.

    Love your blog !!!
    Hugs to you both !!!
    See you in Playa soon !

  3. Shannon said

    I am so looking forward to staying at Luna Blue again – even in July – when the toughest Scandinavian skin will end up getting burned. It’s OK. I’m already old (ha). Hope you are going to be around in July. Read that you now have a bar – fun…too fun. I’ll buy you a drink or, better yet, dinner at El Fogon. Cheers from Chicago! See you in 8 weeks (Isn’t it funny how we all count down the days? – It ‘s the weirdest thing!).

  4. tommy said

    I love you guys and cant wait to see you soon. I love the blog and I love your life. Keep it up so people like me can live through you two.. You guys are amazing!

  5. Banzoomba said

    cool glad I found this blog…..for my home in mexico…..miss you guess be back soon

  6. Anne Neuville said

    Hey Tony and Cheri,

    You guys took hospitality to a higher level!!! Thanks so much for the great time in Playa…we all loved Joan’s 50th. The Luna Blue is so beautiful, clean…a little bit of paradise!!! See you in February!


  7. Kim said

    Awesome site, we will be there next Saturday staying in Playacar. Can’t wait!!! Thanks for all of the info we are first timer’s 🙂

  8. Michelle (maliasma) said

    Tony & Cheri!!! I CANNOT wait to see you guys in September. I have been counting down the days for my birthday and as it gets closer I just get more excited! Adam & I are looking forward to a wonderful week in Playa and at the LB. Less than two months to go……………

  9. DaveV said

    Hi – I was privileged to meet y’all in 2005 when you were rehabbing Hotel Zanzibar, I left the day before Wilma hit. I am so glad everything worked for you! I may be down this fall for the first time since, can’t wait to see in person how it all turned out. 🙂


  10. Maverick69(Brent) said

    Great site you two. It was a pleasure staying and hanging with you the last 2 years. More good luck to you both.

  11. kathryn sneed said

    My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of staying at the Luna Blue last year. Tony and Cheri rock.. sorry to hear about the Dengue tony get well wishes and Dean be damned….stay safe and well Kathryn

  12. Mikey said

    Is this where you guys will keep in touch? Hope you get better T and you guys stay safe. Our thoughts are with you and Cheri…..

  13. ed prater said

    Good Luck
    the praters

  14. Sheri said

    Huge Thank you!
    I have to say that your blogs and all of your input on tripadvisor were the most informative I found on the net for post-Dean triage info. Thanks for all the work you put into keeping everyone posted. We are headed down to PDC next week for our (counting on my fingers) 9th time. With all the trips and $ spent we should have bought a villa the 1st time there 🙂 Glad to hear everyone faired well and perhaps we can meet up for an introductory drink.

  15. Mary said

    Oh what a wonderful night I have just spend in Playa del carmen!! Thank you for the wonderful, vivid, guided tour!! I read each and everyone of your blogs and smiled thru them all!!

    Wishing you all the best!! Mary

  16. Tony (PA) said

    Hello Tony and Cheri,
    I just wanted to thank you for your great website. I used this site extensively when I was in Playa at the beg of Sept 07.
    Your dining picks were right on. The one that I would add is Dr. Taco. Great Tacos (shrimp) for little money. Can’t beat that. The steak @ HC Monterey was wonderful as well.
    I walked by Luna Blue and was going to stop for a drink but I thought there was a party going on @ the bar. Also, was not sure if people not staying @ Luna Blue were welcomed @ the bar.

    Great Job and thanks again. We loved Playa.

  17. Chris & Kat said

    Hello, we will be down at the end of July this year. Is the Luna Blue a nice hotel to stay in Playa? Thanks

    Well, we certainly think so. But then we might be prejudiced, since we’re the owners! Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor for some objective reviews.

    Tony & Cheri

  18. Daniel et Denis said


    Nous sommes de Montréal au Canada et nous irons pour la deuxième fois au Luna Blue en février prochain pour 17 jours. Nous avons hâte de se retrouver dans cette belle petite ville et de retrouver Tony et Cheri. S’il y a d’autres personnes du Canada ou français qui seront à l’hotel en même temps, il nous fera plaisir de prendre le temps de jaser.

    C’est notre 7e fois à Playa.

  19. Chris & Kat said

    Tony and Cheri,

    Thanks for the info! We just reserved a Treetop Terrace for the end of July. Just waiting for room confirmation! Can’t wait to meet you guys!


  20. Dave Higgins said

    Hi Tony and Cheri,

    Can’t wait to Feb 13th when Suzanne and I will be arriving at the fabulous Luna Blue. Enjoyed your review of Antica Osteria del Mar. I was wondering if Bruno was the same Bruno who, with his brother Christian, owned a sports bar on 5th? Thanks for all the good info.


  21. Kathy Blake said

    Sorry we did not think this was that great at all. Every nice people, but the food was not at all what you stated. No raviolis on the menu – not much of a bar – I do not think Antica Osteria del Mar was worth our special Italian dinner – and we are from California too – though from the mountains….I had to hear it from my other half “I told you so”. When my seafood pasta dish did not get a “to-go” because they knew it was not good (clams did not open) – My husband stated – hope you’ll be okay tomorrow…. Maybe a bad night. Thankfully we are here another 5 weeks, so one okay dinner we can deal with. Sorry to be so negative, but it just wasn’t that good!

    There you go folks…a different opinion. We’re sorry you didn’t like it Kathy, and even sorrier we got you in trouble with your husband! Bring him by the Luna Blue and we will explain that it wasn’t your fault. 😉 Maybe the restaurant had an off night or maybe it was just different expectations. Regardless, with five weeks in Playa (wow! you”ll practically be a local by the end of your stay) you should still be able to find plenty of good places to eat. Send us a trip report of any new places you discover (restaurants, tours, beach clubs) and we will pass them on here to our readers. Have fun.

    Tony and Cheri

  22. Louann said

    Hey Tony & Cheri!
    6 weeks to go. I’m living in a totally snowbound state (WI) and am going bonzo. For those of you who haven’t stayed at Luna Blue–do it! Just tninking about walking down those steps into the reception area and being greeted like an old friend makes my stomach ache with longing to get back! Thanks for all the great info, too.

  23. Hi Tony and Cheri We have been reading your sites and you have such great info. We would like to drop in and say hello next time we come to playa del carmen. We miss mexico very much and would like to retire at playa del carmen. We feel in love with playa del carmen in 2006 for one week. In 2007 we came for 2 weeks. We are coming back in nov again for another 2 weeks

  24. Susan Donovan said

    Thanks so much for having the nerve to do what you did! My husband and I just discovered the Carribbean in 2001. The Boston winters got to be too much and on one particulary snowy night I got him to agree to a trip to St. Martin. Although he hates the heat and humidity, my husband was soon begging me to sell it all and spend our golden years selling coconuts on the beach.

    We have our first trip to Playa planned in May and look foreward to having a drink at your newly opened bar.

    All our best,

    Bob and Susan

  25. Carlos said

    See you guys soon!

  26. Kristina said

    I was interested in you hotel but your website is not working and your email also is not working how can I find some more hotel information and photos.

    Sorry, Kristina, I don’t know why you’re having problems with either. Both are working for us. I’ll email you some information about the hotel right now.


  27. LIEBER Natalia said

    Hello from France,

    a lot of french people are enjoyed your hotel, it’a a nice a quiet place,
    I’d like to stay 7 nights at Luna Blue Hotel & Garden. I arrive 4th of April (till 11th).
    Is it possible to have a quiet single room? what about prices and reservation?


    I’ve just sent you an email with some information.


  28. Paul said

    T & C,

    Had a great time during my April stay. Have you heard anything about the Tequila Expo for 2008? I willing to gamble a hurricane won’t get in the way this time…



  29. Sorry, Paul, we haven’t heard anything about the Tequila Expo yet. Once we do, we’ll post it. Glad you were able to stay the entire time, this trip!

    Tony & Cheri

  30. Debbielasvegas said

    Hi T & C…

    Long time no see, you two love birds.

    Thinking about ringing in my big 40th in Playa this November.

    Will give you a jingle when we get closer.

    My co-worker Marc and his gal are really considering moving to Playa.
    Can I put him in contact with you? He can use your local expertise?

    Big hug for you both!

    p.s. I wear my Luna Blue tank top alllll the time.
    you two are so wonderful and giving. xoxo

  31. Amy said

    Hi Tony and Cheri,

    I got this crazy idea for my husband and I to celebrate our birthdays/anniversary (a little early) in Playa February 2009. I’ve been researching the area for weeks and have pretty much narrowed it down to a stay in your lovely hotel. I’m already so impressed with you guys! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself, and let you know I’ll be in touch for a reservation soon. Is it too soon to reserve for February?

    Best wishes to you both. I look forward to getting to know you.


  32. Amy, It’s definitely not too early to reserve for February. We already have lots of January & February reservations. Hope to see you both soon!

  33. Paul said

    T & C-

    Thought I saw the Tequila expo was going to be 8/16-19/2008. This would be Sat-Tues, kind of a strange set of dates. Is this correct?



  34. Hi Paul. We have not seen any dates yet for this years Expo. Those days (8/16-19) are up on the Bureau of Tourism site, but they are also the dates the expo was held last year. If we hear anything specific for this year we will let people know on the blog.


  35. Marianne said

    Hi…just checked out of the Luna Blue Friday morning. We had a fabulous stay. Very relaxing and tranquil. Your staff was great. Thanks so much!

  36. Steven Checkett said

    Hi Tony and Cheri I just dropped you line and don’t see it on this page. I was wondering if you could send me some information on your hotel for 2 weeks in November 2008. thanks Steven

  37. Steven Checkett said

    I sent the wrong email.Steven checkett

  38. Steven Checkett said

    Hi Tony and Sheri we would like some information on your hotel and rates for 2 weeks in Nov 2008. This time I will send the correct email address must be my first time sending an email.

  39. Paul said

    T & C –

    Assume I missed tequila fest, I guess I’ll have to throw my own. I have to admit I was impressed/intrigued by the column on the bullfight. Does that happen mainly during a particular season or is it periodic through the year. Also is the Mexican beisball league popular? I think there is a Q’Roo team somewhere. Planning to target another visit in November or April…



  40. Hello,

    My husband and I are driving to Playa and will need a temp place to stay as well as a long term permanant place. What do you have as far as temp rooms? Also, do you have anything long term?

    We are two adults, 40 something, escaping from the cold winters of Colorado. Hoping to relocate to Playa if we can eventually find a job!!

    We are also huge Jimmy Buffet fans and you can count us in in for the Oct parrothead parties!

    Cindy & Stew

  41. Hi Cindy and Stew,

    We will e-mail you info about availability. We look forward to seeing you at the Luna Blue Parrothead Parties!


  42. pirate #3 said

    loved your place.i was 1 of the big group on holloween & look forward to coming back in jan/feb.

  43. Will be in Playa 11/18 for two weeks. Is the Family that washes clothes still on 26th across from your entry? Been using them for past four years. Suzanne and I will make our first stop at the swing bar. Thanks again for you site

  44. Will be in Playa 11/18 for two weeks. Is the Family that washes clothes still on 26th across from your entry? They make packing so much easier. Suzanne and I will make the swing bar our first stop. Thanks again for your site

  45. Bones, yes there is still a laundromat right across the street from the hotel (although it’s under new management). Hope to see you in a couple of weeks! 🙂

    Tony & Cheri

  46. Chirpy said

    Hi Tony and Cheri….
    I am happy to have bumped into your blog. We are planning to visit Playa in Dec 08. I had a question. Are people visiting the Cancun/Playa areas susceptible to chicken pox/german measles? Just curious as am not immune to those and wanna be cautious as am expecting a baby in Aril 09….please let me know how safe it is!


  47. Chirpy,

    We’ve never heard of anyone here getting chicken pox or german measles any more frequently than anyone anywhere else. Hope this helps!

    Tony & Cheri

  48. Just want to thank you for the great time at the swing bar. It’s the bar where everone knows your name. Jorge does a great job and the patrons just love to be there. The restaurants you have list on the web site were all hits. Hope to make it down in Feb. Bones Sue

  49. Erin & Jay said

    We are staying at Luna Blue over Christmas (very excited!) and are thinking about taking the bus from the Cancun airport – question is which bus stop should we get off at, and is it too far to walk from the bus station to the hotel (or should we get a taxi, or should we take a shuttle)?
    Thanks and we are really looking forward to being there!


  50. Rachel & Steve said

    Fantastic site…thank you! We just emailed you about availability of accommodation around Dec. 24th – last minute of course – what are the chances?

    Can’t wait to get back to Playa, with new husband in tow. 🙂

    • Rachel & Steve,
      Unfortunately the weeks around Christmas and New Years are the absolute busiest of the year and book months in advance. We’re totally full, but your best bet is to check with every possible hotel and see if anyone might have a last minute cancellation. Good luck!
      Tony & Cheri

  51. Erin & Jay,
    There is only one stop in Playa del Carmen – at the bus station on the corner of Fifth Avenue & Juarez. It’s about a 12 block walk from there to the hotel, which is certainly do-able, but if you have luggage, it’s probably easier to just grab a cab. There’s a cab queue just outside the bus station, and a cab will only cost you $3 or $4 US. We look forward to meeting you!

    Tony & Cheri

  52. Rachel & Steve said

    Will do, thanks. We’re not a fan of AIs and the job doesn’t allow for any advance planning – so hopefully we won’t be sleeping on a sidewalk somewhere! Or…we’ll just keep heading south 🙂 Thanks again for your prompt response. R & S

  53. Eric said

    Hi Tony & Cheri –
    Just checking on availability for 3-4 days b/n Feb 5-15…Really enjoy your site and Luna Blue looks fabulous.
    Thanks for any info – Eric

  54. Julie and Alex said

    Hi, we are interested in staying at Luna Blue from January 12 – January 22. Do you have rooms available. The dates are a little bit flexible.

  55. bill and sheri said

    Do you have any rooms available Feb 7-Feb14 time frame? Perhaps just a few days?

  56. Leanne & Scott said

    Hi Tony & Cheri:

    Just found your hotel website/review on Tripadvisor yesterday and have changed our minds about going to one of those all-inclusive mega-resorts, and instead want to stay at Luna Blue! We sent a message last night enquiring about availability for a week starting on April 20, and hope you can accommodate us as we have fallen in love with this place and have never even seen it! The reviews are overwhelmingly good and we think this is the place for us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy New Year!

  57. Hi, Leanne & Scott.

    So glad to hear you want our type of experience instead of a mega resort!!!! We’re having some email glitches tonight, so our email to you has been sitting in our outbox for awhile. We’ll send it again tomorrow from the hotel. Looking forward to meeting you both!

    Tony & Cheri

  58. Kim & Marshell said

    Hi! We’d love to book the treetop room for April 9 – 14. Might it be open? We’re excited!

  59. Leanne & Scott said

    Thanks! We’ll be patiently waiting for your response. We’re actually looking for April 21-28, and we booked our flight tonight (couldn’t miss the great seat sale WestJet had on here in Canada!)…so hopefully you can accommodate us somehow. Hearing more and more incredible reviews of your hotel, so I am pretty excited that we might get to stay there!

  60. Cheri Head said

    Hi, Leanne & Scott.

    We’re unfortunately still having problems with our email…but just so you know we have rooms of all types during that time. Hopefully I’ll be able to send you the informative email tomorrow! In the meantime, check out our new website, which we launched just tonight. Finally! See you soon.

    Tony & Cheri

  61. laurel said

    I’m relieved to see that you’ve been having email trouble as I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you in response to my availability request. Your place is at the top of my list and I’m having trouble finding anything else even remotely close to what I’m looking for. Fingers crossed that you have a room for me (any 3-4 night period during the last week in Jan, first week in Feb.)

    I hope this doesn’t seem as whiny as I am afraid it does – I just really need a vacation!

  62. Hi guys,

    We are coming, July 31st and can stay four or five days. Do you a room for us but more importantly are you going to be there?

    Call us or email us. We leave for London on Feb 11th for 6 days so hope we can touch base before then.

    Love you

    Tony & Cheri

  63. Johnny & Tandy said

    Hi, Tony & Cheri. We are staying on Isla Mujeres for two weeks this June. However, to save a few bucks on airfare, we will be staying for an additional 3 nights (darn the luck) & would be interested in staying in Playa Del Carmen. We need a room from June 27 to June 30th & would prefer a Treetop Terrace room. I hope you have something available & that we could work this out since we have never been to PDC before. Thank you.

  64. Andrew & Lin said

    Hi, Toni & Cheri,
    I’m so looking forward to staying in your hotel at the end of March and beginning of April. I’m trying to soak up some warmth and vibes through the computer monitor. Denver is a bit nippy right now. This will be my second trip to Play del Carmen. Keep the drinks cold and the beaches warm for us!
    Andrew & Lin
    P.S. Lin from Vancouver is the one who booked the hotel, in case you’re wondering who this strange Denver person is. Cheers!

  65. Jay and Kath said

    Tony and Cheri
    We are coming with our Tony and Cheri on July 31st. They have gratiously invited us to join them at your place. We are looking forward to it very much. Tony and Cheri missed our wedding and Honeymoon to St. Martin in 08, but we will celebrate our 1st anniversary with all of you this year!!!!! Keep the drinks coming and the Buffet playing.

  66. Plane tickets have been booked and we will be on our way July 28th. Going to stay in Cancun till Jay and Kath fly in unless you can stand us for longer LOL. We bagged Aruba, lost a week of our timeshare but we wanted to make sure we had enough time to enjoy our stay with you guys.

    Better stock the bar up on beer and wine! Can’t wait to see you guys.

    Tony & Cheri

    PS: Off to San Fran this weekend

  67. Kim & Bill said

    My husband and I are planning our 25th aniversary at the Luna Blue Hotel. I cant wait, I have been dreaming of this trip for years. Is there a good place to get conch fritters in Playa Del Carmen?

  68. Kim P said

    Toni and Cheri–It was a pleasure meeting you guys (and colorodawanderer Amber and the rest of the TA gang) and hanging out at your awesome bar. Thanks for ordering the delicious food from across the street, we needed it 😉 Instead of the condo next year, looks like Luna Blue will be our home away from home, it’s the best of both worlds! I decided I don’t want to do my own dishes and wash laundries on vacation, it’s too short! We’re getting ready to open up the ol’ Heladeria, here comes 7 days a week for the next 6 months, but PDC is the light at the end of the tunnel. See you next February, thanks again!!
    Kim and Mark P

  69. Jay and Kath said

    We have started the countdown to Playa and the Luna Blue. It may still be 4 months away, but anytime you get to spend a week with Tony and Cheri it is special. The excitement is already building everyday. Now we get to meet a new T & C and we can hardly wait. Looking forward to meeting you, and spending time swinging on your bar stools!!!

    I heard places there do not take credit or ATM debit cards, is that accurate?
    J & K

    • Hi, Jay & Kath. We’re looking forward to meeting you! I don’t know of any place that allows you to use a debit card, and credit cards are not accepted at many places. We highly suggest using pesos (use your debit card at the ATM to get pesos) and paying that way. Right now the exchange of pesos to dollars is really excellent – anwhere between 13.5 and 15 to 1, so you get much more value for your money by using pesos. Once you convert to dollars, you stand to lose money.

      See you soon.

      Tony & Cheri

  70. Jay and Kath said

    Thank you very much for the Info. We will definately make the conversion and use Peso’s while we are there. Looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Kev 'N' Rol said

    Rolene and I have visited your bar on several previous trips. We will be arriving in Playa for our son’s wedding on May 5th. Our hope is to bring everyone in the wedding party (only 14) together for drinks on “Cinco de Mayo!” Are you having a party that night?-Kevin Wartman

  72. gil said

    Can’t wait to see all my friends again on May 21.

  73. Pacificj said

    Hi guys!

    Have been following your blog since the dreaded “pig disease” hit, and let me tell you, you guys seem to have it all! Was really hoping for an update as to how the locals view the “flu” now. Your last post about it was May 1st, and I can stare at the CDC until I’m blue in the face but it doesn’t get me anywhere. Any updates?? Thanks!


    • So far, what we’ve seen is that the locals are sad and scared. Not about the flu, but about how the hype caused all the tourists to cancel their trips. There’s still no sign of flu in Playa del Carmen–people aren’t wearing masks, aren’t flocking to the doctors, etc. But people are hurting financially. Many have lost their jobs. Those that still do have jobs have seen a huge pay cut as their tips have dried up. This will undoubtedly force some of the smaller businesses to close, either for the short or long term, which is very sad. Everyone is hoping that the tourists come back soon (and there’s already some sign of that), so that people can get back on their feet. But Playa itself is relatively as it always was–the beach is gorgeous, Fifth Avenue looks the same, etc. There are a few stores and restaurants closed, but not too many. It’s mainly pretty quiet, as there aren’t a lot of people in town. So our advice is….COME TO PLAYA! Generally May is one of the nicest months of the year, anyway, so now’s a great time for a getaway in paradise.

  74. We are still coming, you know us, nothing scares us. Did you get our last email?

    Tony & Cheri

  75. Cindy said

    I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for all the blogs regarding the swine flu. I had a trip planned from May 6th through May 13th in Playa Del Carmen. Thanks to Tony and Cheri’s post’s my partner and I and another couple decided not to cancel our trip. BOY ARE WE GLAD WE DIDN”T! Even though our plane was rerouted through Mexico City, we didn’t see a single sick person around and when we arrived in Playa it was rather empty. This was VERY sad. As a tourist, it is nice to see an empty beach but for the economy, VERY sad. Our hotel was only 20% full and MANY hotels were closed. I really hope everyone continues on with their travel plans. The Mexican economy is going to suffer greatly from this. My advice, go have fun! You will see NO masks, NO sick people and no problems getting home and no sickness since we’ve been back!
    I stopped by Luna Blue to have a drink and say thank you but Cheri was out traveling and it happened to be Mother’s day, so I missed out on having a drink on swinging seats. I did get to meet Tony though, thanks for the chat! Will stop by on our next trip!
    Again, Thanks.

  76. Jay said

    Tony and Cheri
    We are going to see Buffett in New Jersey on June 20th. I will try to get close enough to give him a personal invitation to the Luna Blue Bar. We are getting more and more excited about our trip there with Tony and Cheri(Oregon version). We cant wait to meet and hopefully hang out with you guys a bit!!!

  77. liz said

    we are counting the hours till we fly out sunday morning, but i am a littlw concerned about the weather report, it shows thunder showers and cloudy skies all next week, should we be concerned, how is the weather looking, :0 liz can’t wait to have a drink with you guys, read soooooo much about you 🙂

    • It has been sunny and hot! This time of year we do get the occasional thunderstorm, usually in the afternoon or evening, but they do not last all day or night. You should see plenty of sun while you are here.


  78. Pacificj said

    Thanks so much for the update. I just read your most recent post about the flu. There is nothing gonna stop us! We absolutely love playa! My wife and I joke all the time that if it became necessary we would go border hopping and hitchhike to playa. We will be around from June 20th – 26th, and hopefully we can stop by and have a drink with you guys. We are staying at the Iberostar Toucan, any place you can tell me to go to look at how to get to the Luna Blue? Reading so much about you guys and your place, I would love to meet you!


    • We are on Calle 26 between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue. You can take a cab directly to the Luna Blue, or if a cab drops ypu at the corner of 5th Avenue and Constituyentes (a major intersection in the resort zone) just walk north on 5th Avenue four blocks to Calle 26 and turn left. We are half way down the street. You can’t miss us.


  79. Hi guys,

    Only a few more weeks to go before we land in Cancun. We can’t wait !!!!!!!

    Our website is up and running but we need to give you a password. You will like the front page when you get in.

    In just one day we have had over 200 people asking for a password and we’ve had nearly 800,000 hits.

    See you soon, call us.

    Tony & Cheri

  80. Pacificj said

    Quick question! Lot of hype from those of us going to PDC next week about the weather… anything to be worried about? Would it truly rain for 6 days straight?

    • Sorry, but we can’t predict the weather, although we’d sure like to! Generally when it rains this type of year it rains for a short while & then the sun comes out again. It’s actually kinda nice. We can’t say next week will be like that, but we’d guess there’s a far better chance of that happening than it actually raining nonstop for 6 days. 🙂

      • Well it better not rain at all when we are down there. You know Cheri loves the sun and when she’s happy we are all happy.

        5 weeks to go !!!

  81. Jay and Kath said

    Only 3 weeks until we arrive in Playa and at the Luna Blue!!! Spoke with Mr. Betts the other evening and everyone is very excited to get there. Hope its a long, slow, fun week!!! See you all soon. Have the bar open abd beer cold please.

  82. Mike Grabow said

    Hi Tony and Cheri!! How are you guys? It looks like I’m going to be coming back to Playa in mid October. Look forward to seeing you guys!!

  83. Paul said

    T & C

    I’m now only a 2 hour flight away, and sadly I saw the Tequila Expo was scheduled in May rather than August, then it was rescheduled to a couple weeks ago in July. My question is Did it happen this year? All this layoff talk and moving stuff makes me yearn for some beach time.


    Pablo Diablo

  84. Jay and Kath said

    I wanted to write a quick note and tell everyone how wonderful our visit to Mexico was and our stay at the Luna Blue was fabulous! Tony and Cheri was awesome hosts and all the staff did all they could to ensure we were comfortable and had fun. I highly recommend a trip to Playa Del Carmen and a stay at the Luna Blue for a comfortable, relaxing, affordable vacation!!!!! Thank you to all of you at the Luna Blue!!!! We will see you again next year.
    Jay and kath

  85. COOKIE said


  86. jim & trish said

    Gracias Tony, Cheri, Edgar & of course, Jorge for making our time at the lovely Luna Blue Hotel so enjoyable. We had our own little tropical oasis right there in Playa. Trish and I will be back….an soon, I hope.

  87. Jay and Kath said

    I was just looking at pictures from our trip there and remembering how much i miss this place and you guys! Would like to figure out a time to come back. Hopefully you still have your Dr. on Staff

  88. Just stumbled on your blog and I love it! You are living the dream that I hopefully one day will have too! Leave the rat race in NYC and live in Playa. I wish I knew about Blue Luna before I booked. Returning to PDC in August!

  89. Mel Coker said

    I also just came across your blog. We first visited your bar in February of this year during our one week stay at Playacar Palace. We visited your bar during a bar crawl organized on
    We just returned from another visit to Playa last week (we did a timeshare tradeout at Royal Haciendas). BUT, we did get back to Luna Blue bar one night last week for drinks. Your bar is our favorite in Playa; my wife specifically wanted to get back. We met a young lady at the bar and she showed us her room there. She really liked staying there and we do want to get back sometime to stay in the heart of Playa. Here is our picture video from our trip to Playa last week (with visits to Cancun, Coba, Akumal, and Tulum)


  90. […] Tony & Cheri are a couple of friendly American ex-pats living and working in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Given the recent violent incidents in Playa del Carmen, they have taken their time to write a very informative and objective post about the true situation regarding safety for tourists visiting Playa del Carmen. […]

  91. Corey said

    wow!!! Im clueless…sorry.. been back alot..see you in the spring….much luv!!

  92. […] here is the owners’ blog: […]

  93. Mark said

    Made Reservations for February! I read your blog on and off for probably 5 years. Have always want to stay. Looking forward to staying at your hotel.

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