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A Letter to Jimmy Buffett

Posted by Tony & Cheri on May 11, 2009

Here’s an e-mail we sent to one of our favorite Caribbean troubadors, Jimmy Buffett. If you are not familiar with Mr. Buffett’s music or books go to the store right now and buy some of his CDs. After you listen for a while you will find yourself looking at maps and planning vacations on a tropical beach!

Dear Jimmy,

We need your help. More specifically, Mexico needs your help.

As you probably know, Mexico’s economy has taken a pretty bad beating lately with the swine flu scare. Although the flu was concentrated several thousand miles away in Mexico City, the media blitz about how dangerous it was to travel to Mexico kept people away from all of Mexico including the beautiful Caribbean coast! As a result tourists are now simply too scared to visit us even though we never had a single case of flu here where we live in Playa Del Carmen.

In a way the lack of crowds has been kind of nice for us locals since we have had the beaches and bars to ourselves for a while. But it is starting to affect folk’s lives. People are getting laid off and businesses are worried about whether they can stay open until the tourists return. From hotels to bars, fishing boats, restaurants, dive shops and more…everybody is beginning to hurt.

We have been trying to think of something that would show travelers Jimmy Buffett, live at Jazz Fest, New Orleans 2008that it’s safe to come visit Mexico’s Mayan Riviera again. The solution we came up with is…YOU! We can talk ourselves blue in the face about how safe, and beautiful it is down here, but nobody will listen. However if JB says it’s ok to go then the tourists, and the parrotheads will return. We are sure of it.

So we would ask a favor of you…come to Mexico! A little week-end mini-tour of Caribe Mexico is just what is needed to let people know all is fine south of the border. You could do a show at your own Margaritaville Café in Cancun, and another in the Margaritaville on Cozumel. And since you don’t have a café in Playa Del Carmen, we would like to offer you use of our own little Luna Blue Bar for a show. It’s small, but it’s your kind of funky tropical place with palm thatched roof, swings instead of stools around the bar, and Radio Margaritaville playing on the satellite radio.

While we can’t pay your regular appearance fee, we can offer you a free room at our Luna Blue Hotel next to the bar. And we will pass the tip jar for you when you play. We’ll even throw in free drinks for you and the band.

Please think about it. You could help some people out and get some time under Mexico’s tropical sun. And of course…you do owe us. After all, it was your books and music that inspired us to run away to the tropics in the first place. As we always say when folks ask how we ended up running a hotel and bar in the Caribbean…”Blame it on Buffett.”

There are people who need help down in the Caribbean and we ask…”What would Jimmy Buffett do?”

Best regards,

Tony & Cheri Head, Owners
Luna Blue Hotel & Bar

Of course Jimmy Buffett is a big honkin’ superstar and probably won’t have the time to run down to Mexico in the middle of his summer tour. But we figured it never hurts to ask. And if you would like to encourage Mr. Buffett to consider a little trip to paradise just drop him a note at Tell him: “Jimmy…Mexico needs you!” and include a link to this blog. Who knows what could happen? 🙂

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