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Another Day in Paradise…Xpu-Ha

Posted by Tony & Cheri on March 15, 2007

We started our blog by posting some old stuff about when we first moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We will continue to do that as we have time to go through our notes and memories, posting those adventures, and mishaps, we think are worth sharing. But we will also be posting some more recent happenings, like a trip we took to Xpu-Ha not long ago.

Xpu-ha is a beautiful stretch of beach south of Playa del Carmen. There are a couple of large hotel developments but mostly it is still open with an uninterrupted vista of the Caribbean Sea. People visiting Cancun often go to the beaches in Playa del Carmen to escape the crowds. Folks in Playa del Carmen head down to Xpu-Ha for the same reason.

We had decided to take a day off from work. That is a pretty rare occurrence. Since moving to this tropical paradise we have spent more time doing the laundry, fixing plumbing or planting in the garden than time on the beach. However with things starting to settle into place, and the hotel running fairly smooth these days, we figured we needed some time near blue water. So, off we went. It’s about a 20 minute drive from our home to Xpu-Ha. We left early in the morning wondering if this was going to be a waste of time. The weather looked a little iffy as clouds rolled in and the wind picked up but we headed out anyway.

Down at Xpu-Ha there are a couple of nice stretches of beach north and south of the Copacabana Resort, with roads on either side of the resort leading to the beach, both of them narrow, unpaved and filled with pot-holes. But it’s worth the drive. We went down the road north of the hotel and ended up in the tiny parking lot of the Café Del Mar. The Café is a small wooden building right in the sand serving incredible breakfasts. We sat on the deck, ordered and took our time with our meal. Eating in Mexico is always an unhurried affair, and even more so when you are sitting a few feet from the water in shorts and a bikini. Time just slows down. We had eggs, French toast, juice and good coffee while dropping our tension level about 20 degrees.

When we finally finished we strolled south along the water’s edge. It was warm (around 80 degrees) but the wind was very strong. The surf was rolling in as high as we had seen it since Hurricane Wilma. As each new wave would reach its peak just before starting to roll down to the shore, the wind would catch the spray and scatter it in the air. The sea was covered in crashing white foam as far as we could see in either direction.

Not to be discouraged, we walked over to La Playa Beach Club about a quarter of a mile south. La Playa is a little group of buildings housing a restaurant with beachside deck, a bar, a dive shop, a little store full of touristy stuff to buy, and a pretty little stretch of beach with chairs, umbrellas and, best of all, hammocks!!! We fell into a couple of side by side hammocks and ordered Piña Coladas to help settle our breakfasts. We both dozed off with the warm breezes swinging our hammocks in unison. A couple hours later we realized the wind had died down and the clouds had flown on past. It was a perfect sunny day. We rolled out of the hammocks with as much dignity as we could (not an easy task) and ran down to the water.

The water of the Caribbean never disappoints. It is a little warmer than bath water and crystal clear. You can half stand, half float with the water about chest high and feel the gentle tug of the waves as they pull toward the shore and then pull back again to the open ocean. You resist the motion as you sway with the water until you grow tired and let the waves roll you onto the sand, giggling like children. At least, that’s what we did, over and over again.

Late in the afternoon it was time to head home. We started back down the beach towards Café Del Mar (and our van) but stopped first at a little shack just north of La Playa where Juan and Juan (father and son) make and sell hammocks and woven chairs. We hung out for a while chatting with the Juans and watching them weave a new hammock. We couldn’t resist and bought two hanging hammock chairs for the hotel. The younger Juan even carved “Luna Blue Hotel” in the wood supports. It seemed like a pretty good life…setting up shop on a beautiful Caribbean beach and weaving colorful hammocks while watching pretty girls in bikinis wander by. Not a bad way to make a living we thought.

The day was over so we climbed into our van, the “Big Bastard,” and headed back to Playa del Carmen and the Luna Blue Hotel. Another day in paradise came to a close.

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